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How to Properly Support the Development of Your Little One

If you have a child, one of the most important things you can do is support their development properly. You can do this a number of ways depending on their age. Here are some ideas to help your child develop into a well rounded little person!

Read With Them
Start reading with your child as early on as possible! This gets them used to hearing certain words and sounds and can be brilliant for developing their creativity and imaginations. Start reading to them while they are babies, with books they can easily follow along. When they are old enough, you should encourage them to read with you, maybe take it in turns. You could even make up stories! The more you talk to them and read with them, the more skills they will develop.

Encourage Them to Get Creative
Encourage your child to get creative. Whether it’s with a pen and paper, paints, or even crafts, let them play however they like and make things. Just make sure they are supervised if they need to be and using safe equipment. Make sure you don’t criticise their efforts, as this can stunt their creativity.

Let Them Play With Other Kids
Socialising your children with other kids is important for their development too. Make sure you set up play dates so they can get used to being with people their own age.

Send Them to After School Clubs
After school clubs can be brilliant places, helping your kids to learn all kinds of new skills. Little Squigglers after school clubs offer lots of crafting activities, which can help them develop concentration, allow them to express themselves, and work towards goals. Plus, it’s a lot of fun for them!

Enjoy Music with Your Child
Put music on and enjoy it with your child. This could be anything appropriate that you both enjoy, whether it’s a boy band or nursery rhymes. Maybe even both! This can help them to appreciate music and develop rhythm.

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Take Them Somewhere New
Take your child somewhere new to show them how much fun exploring can be. You could see some important sites, or simply relax on a beach somewhere. Take weekends away, holidays, and even just day trips together.

Give Lots of Praise
Make sure that you give your child lots of praise for their efforts. No matter how small, let them know what a good job they are doing. It’s key you don’t criticise them for something they’ve done. For example, if the grass is blue in one of their masterpieces and the sky is green, simply praise them for being so imaginative. Telling them things must be a certain way can stop them from having fun and stop them being creative later on.
Making sure you support the development of your little one like this will ensure they grow up with amazing reading, listening, and communication skills. They’ll also be great at socialising, developing their creativity, and expressing themselves. What more could you want? Have fun!

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