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How To Make Your Garden A Fun And Inspiring Place For Your Children

Children love to spend time outside exploring and having fun. But you don’t always have to take them camping or to a nature reserve for them to enjoy the great outdoors. Your garden is the ideal place for them to play for hours and use their imagination, no matter what size your outdoor space is. There is no reason why it can’t become a dream playground for your kids while still keeping some adult style intact. So to encourage your kids to enjoy the outdoors every single day here are some ideas you could try.

Use your vertical space
If you have a small garden area and worried about your available space, it’s time to think vertically. If you have walls or fences that are not currently in use, this is the perfect opportunity to make them more engaging. You could paint them with black chalkboard paint or install a climbing wall. You could use a trellis and encourage your kids to plant and care for their favourite flowers or herbs. Or you could mount old pipes, paint tins and pans onto the wall to create a unique musical instrument they can play. Another brilliant idea is to use this vertical space as a reading nook or fort your kids can escape to with their friends. You can do this using willow branches or runner bean plants that are shaped to create teepees and shelters. The possibilities are endless; you just have to think outside the box.

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Use decorations
Designate an area in your garden that is just for your kids and decorate it to help boost their imagination even further. For a Mad hatter’s tea party corner, you could use tree stumps as tables and chairs and decorate with bunting and second-hand tea sets. Or for a space-themed play area, you could decorate your little tikes trampoline or play house with pictures of planets and astronauts. For a jungle theme, you could use oversized potted plants and animal masks to make your kids feel like they are nature explorers. These decorative features will take your kid’s playtime to another level and make them the envy of all their friends.

Use fun storage
Your kids play can be interrupted if they keep having to run back and forth into the house to grab their toys and games. So consider using fun storage solutions which can be kept outside. These could include wooden storage boxes, plastic baskets or large tubs. You could even create a child-friendly cupboard which houses sports equipment and toys. This should be easy to open and have shelves and hooks that are easy for your kids to reach. Or you could invest in a bench with built in storage in the base. These storage devices will promote playtime while keeping your outdoor space looking organised.

With this new fun and inspiring space to play in, your kids will find it hard not to resist playing in your outdoors space. No matter what space you have available, get creative and turn it into an area the whole family can enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “How To Make Your Garden A Fun And Inspiring Place For Your Children

  1. The idea of playing outdoor is excellent. These days getting childrens out of home is almost impossible. Its really hard to get them away from their ipad and iphones. Well, hopefully this trick work.

  2. We love decorating trampolines! At Toy Promos, we find that most of our trampolines form a great starting point for decoration, and since they are made to be put outdoors, using the right decorations on them won’t cause lasting damage.

    Another great idea would be to have a contest to see who can make the trampoline look most like a Disney character or something else fun!

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