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How to Declutter Your Home and Garden

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Decluttering your home not only creates more space; it also declutters your mind. Experts have noted that people with cluttered lives tend to feel more anxious and out of control. Spring is a very good time to address this and clear your house and garden.

The Garden
Your garden may be a good place to start as it’s likely to contain less ‘stuff’. Begin by throwing away any rubbish. If you have larger items to dispose of, then consider hiring a skip. If items are heavy or bulky, then enlist friends or a professional company to help. Read these 2 massive time savers when cleaning up backyard waste.

Next, move onto garden waste. Rake up leaves, twigs and any other items. Dispose of them in the green bin or composting bin.

Look at the garden as a whole. Are there areas that are too overgrown or crowded? Cutting back bushes and plants may do the trick. Or you may want to consider removing some plants completely.

Trees are wonderful but in a small garden, they can become overgrown and block out the light. If this is the case, then hire a tree surgeon to trim them back. If roots are causing a problem, then they may need to be cut down completely.

Don’t forget to check sheds and outhouses. Again, start by throwing away any tools or implements that have rusted over or are not being used. Clear away any rubbish and clear shelves. Be ruthless in what you throw away. If items are still in good working order, then give them away to friends or add them to Freecycle or eBay.

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Your Home
Decluttering can feel overwhelming at first. You have your whole house to get through, and it’s difficult to know where to begin. Try these 5-minute decluttering tips from Zen Habits to get you started. Just five minutes a day will soon accumulate, and you will have cleared a whole room. This book also includes some useful tips.

Work on one room at a time. Many people adopt a three-pronged approach. They set up three areas labelled keep, throw away and give away. As they work through each room items are added to those areas. Items in the ‘throw away’ and ‘give away’ areas can be disposed of accordingly. All other items can be put away. Deciding what to hold onto can be difficult. Try asking yourself these questions if you’re not sure.

Make sure all items you’re keeping have a home. Try to keep surfaces free from clutter as much as possible. If you have lots of bitty items, then invest in storage containers. These come in many forms. Dividers are great for drawers and shelving as they allow you to sort out items and organize them neatly. Storage boxes and baskets can be placed onto shelves to give a tidy appearance. Just make sure you don’t use them as a dumping ground and build up your clutter.

As you’re decluttering set up good habits for the future. For example, deal with post as soon as you receive it. Action it where necessary. When you have finished with it either file it or throw it away. By making decluttering a part of your life, you will avoid having to go through this process in the future.

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    And I really like the ideas you have shared..
    In my opinion a time frame is essential because it helps a person check the time you could have invested on a task and be helpful in moving on.

    It is also useful when you really feel overwhelmed with the volume of tasks you have to do.

    You can also hire waste or rubbish collection company that helps you to remove the waste from your garden or home.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas..
    Keep doing good work..
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