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Great Ways To Involve Your Kids In Your Wedding

If you are getting married soon, congratulations! A wedding at any point in your life is incredibly exciting and one of the most fantastic days of your life. But if you’re lucky enough to be formally uniting with your special someone in front of your kids, then the day is sure to be special. Having our children present at those special occasions makes them more memorable and more precious. So how can your kids get involved?

Dressing the kids up for a wedding can be one of the best photo opportunities you’ll ever get with your little ones. Ask your photographer to be there when your nippers are dressed up and catch a few special shots with them. Chances are they won’t be happy in their special clothes all day long, so grab them early!

Kids are wonderfully creative, so try to get them involved in that side of things as much as possible. They can help design the personalised wedding invitations from Paper Themes. They can even help choose the style of the bouquets and cake. The more involved they are, the better. After all, your decision to legally formalise your relationship affects them too.

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Your relationship with your other half will change for a little while. You might even be going away without your Bubbas for a honeymoon. You will be a whole new you to your kids. So it’s important they are a part of that transition on the big day. This isn’t just about signing a legal document. It’s about becoming a special family in a special way as far as the kids are concerned.

There will be a lot to do to get everything ready for the big day. When you have kids, you probably don’t have a huge budget for a big wedding. Instead, much of it will be a DIY wedding. You might make a cupcake tiers for a wedding cake. Your kids may be able to help buy the ingredients, weigh them out and stir the mix with you. Perhaps they can even help decorated them!

Decorations for the big day can also be made at home with the kids. Children love getting the arts and crafts set out. They can create paper flowers for the garlands or the centrepieces. Perhaps they can dip the almonds in white chocolate for the wedding favours? If you have a nice garden, the kids could collect petals to scatter as you walk down the aisle.

Children are often draughted in for the most important jobs at weddings. Carrying the rings on a beautiful pillow is a great way for them to get involved with your marriage ceremony. If your wedding dress has a train, why not ask your daughter to lay it out and carry it for you? Perhaps one of your kids could be in charge of some of the photography on the day? Kids love taking pictures and videoing things.

Of course, older children can get involved in even more ways. Some kids like to toast their parents at big events, so why should your wedding be any different? If your children are musical, why not ask them to play something at the ceremony or the reception? Children love to find ways to please us. It doesn’t matter if they’re not professionals. You couldn’t be more delighted.

If your kids love to dance, why not invite them to perform something after your first dance? And don’t forget how charming it will be to accept a dance from your son on your wedding day. They may even whisk you right off your feet. Chances are you couldn’t be any happier at your big event.

You might ask your son to give you away at the ceremony. Or maybe your daughter will be the head bridesmaid? There are so many ways for children of all ages to get involved with their parents’ wedding. It can be nice to hold off formal ceremonies of this kind until you’ve had your children. It gives you a chance for the whole family to be involved in so many different ways.

Even if your children are still babes in arms, they can be involved in your wedding. You could wheel them into the ceremony in a beautifully decorated traditional pram. And why not enjoy your first dance holding your baby between you? Take plenty of pictures so you can show your son and daughter when they’re older.

Weddings are such special occasions. But having them with your whole family can make them incredible. How will your kids celebrate your union?

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