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5 Tools Every Gardener Should Own

If you love pottering about in your garden, you’ll probably have a shed to use as a base. And no doubt your shed is filled with all manner of useful tools and equipment. But do you own all the right things to help keep your garden in top condition? It’s time to clean out your shed and fill it with only useful tools. So, what do you need? Here are the five best tools for every gardener.

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Lawn Mower
To keep your lawn nice and trimmed, you will need a lawn mower. You can find different kinds at your local garden centre or D.I.Y. store. There are two main types. One is the handheld lawn mower, which you use in the same way as a vacuum cleaner. These are perfect for small patches of grass. If you have a large area to mow, think about getting a seated lawn mower. These are the size of a quad bike, and you will ride it around your lawn. For more of an idea of the different kinds of mowers, check out Beacon Equipment lawn mowers.

I don’t mean a toolbox full of hammers, nails, and screwdrivers. I’m talking about a toolbox full of small gardening equipment. Items like trowels, gardening gloves, and seed sachets. Having all your small tools together will stop you from having to go back and forth to your shed. You will never forget an item, now that you have everything together in one convenient toolbox!

Shovels are very useful when it comes to gardening. They can act like a small plough and help you turn your soil. You can also dig out weeds. And you can make troughs in the soil to sow your seeds in. They are also very handy tool to have in the winter. You can use your shovel to clear away any snow from your drive!

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Japanese Gardener’s Knife
Also known as a Hori Hori, Japanese Gardener’s Knives are very versatile. They are great for planting bulbs, digging up weeds and a lot more gardening tasks. You need to be careful with them, as the sharp blade can be very sharp! Perfect for pruning bushes, but it can also cut skin easily. They rarely break, so it is worth buying an expensive model. Why not buy a special Hori Hori holster to carry your amazing knife around the garden in?

A rake can help you with the finishing touches to your garden! Once you’ve finished mowing the lawn or weeding, you can collect all the mess together with a rake. This makes things much easier to clean up. And rakes come in especially handy throughout autumn. They are perfect for collecting up fallen leaves.
Once you have all these tools in your garden shed, you will really notice the difference in your garden and your outdoor work. Your work will be made much easier and your garden will bloom throughout the year! So stock up on the best gardening equipment now.

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