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3 Simple Steps to Tackle An Overgrown Garden

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As the days get warmer and longer, it’s natural to want to spend time outdoors. If we’ve spent all week at work and suffered the daily commute, sometimes the last thing we feel like doing with our free time is turning out again. However tempting a beach trip or walk in the park might be, there can be many reasons why staying at home appeals to us more. What many of us don’t realise is that we often have a great outdoor space right on our doorstep: our garden! Many of us find that our garden has become a glorified outdoor storage area. It is littered with unused or outgrown toys and tools. Rusty furniture, overgrown plants and dying grass can all get out of hand and leave us feeling overwhelmed. Each time we think of tackling the garden, there are a million other ways we would rather relax! However, with a change of attitude and a methodical approach, you can enjoy the process.

Get Disposal Ready
This is probably one of the most essential yet overlooked steps. Many of us make time to begin our garden clearing, start sorting the mess, and realise we have nowhere at all to put it! There is no sense in simply moving waste items from one area of the garden to another. There is no better way to waste time and energy. If we want to be efficient and effective, we need to prepare adequate disposal. Have bags, boxes, and other resources ready. If you’re really snowed under with materials, consider instant waste management skip hire. Many people find that they pile bags and boxes high with rubbish only to find that they are too heavy to lift! A skip eliminates that danger and can be dealt with and disposed of by professionals.

Clear Space (Be ruthless)
Once you have started to sift through what is visibly broken or useless, you will be left with other items. They may still be usable but may not have been used for some time. Think carefully and ruthlessly. There is probably a good reason they have not been used. Have they been outgrown or already replaced? Were they not really up to scratch? If we didn’t even realise they were out here, that’s a good reason to get rid of them immediately! De-clutter your space and you de-clutter your mind, so the ancient wisdom goes. You will be amazed how much better you feel when your garden once more starts to look spacious and tidy.

Spruce Up
With more space available to you, assess the actual ground and materials. Whether you have wood, grass, concrete or a mixture of several, think how their appearance can be improved. Grass can be weeded and freshly resown. Concrete can be scrubbed and cracks can be filled. Wood can be freshly varnished or painted. Whatever you’re working with, it may not look as good as new. But with a few extra touches of care you will be surprised how much it improves the overall appearance of your garden. For a finishing touch, add candles or fairy lights and scatter pot plants on bare surfaces. Then celebrate!

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