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The Ultimate Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Whether you love it or you hate it, you’re going to need to spend time in the kitchen. If you’ve just moved out for the first time, or you want to re-supply your kitchen, then there are a few essentials which you need to have. Here’s a list of important kitchen essentials, along with some information which might surprise you.

First of all, knives. This is an obvious one I know. I’m not suspecting that you didn’t know that you need knives for chopping! However, when a lot of people buy cooking knives for their kitchen, they spend far too much money. It may make you come off as a better cook when you have a stylish knife block full of different blades. However, you only really need three. A 9-10 inch chef’s knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife will do just fine for almost any dish.

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Cutting boards are another thing you should have in your home. Again, a lot of people buy a few too many of these. However, it’s pretty unhygienic to keep only one! You should have at least two boards for different foods. Keep one for raw proteins, and another for cooked produce. Boards made from polyethylene acrylic are cheap and durable. Just make sure you get one which is dishwasher friendly!

Next up, a set of measuring spoons and jugs. This can be extremely useful if you’re dieting, or like to be meticulous with measurements. Regular dining cutlery is perfectly fine for a lot of situations, true. However, the measurements won’t be anywhere near as accurate as level measuring spoons. Check out Dream Farm for an interesting take on these. I recommend getting two sets for dry and liquid ingredients. You can get sets of measuring spoons with spouts for easy pouring. It may not sound like much, but that little feature can make your cooking so much easier!

You’ll also need a set of what the catalogues call “cookware”. If you’re a beginner cook (or you just suck) then get a good set of non-stick pans. As the name suggests, these will save you from leaving half the meal stuck to the pan. Even if they’re harder to use, you should still have a few stainless steel pieces. Over time, the non-stick surface of cookware can be scratched off. When you notice that happening, throw the pan away. It beats feeding your household harmful, artificial flakes!

Finally, Tupperware. No matter who you are, I think every kitchen could do with more of this. Mexico’s Catalog Tupperware has a fantastic range of this stuff. We all know what Tupperware containers are, but not everyone realises the benefits of using them. I’ve never come across a better way of keeping food fresh over a long period of time, for starters! Aside from that, it saves you from throwing away leftovers, and is much easier to clean than the alternatives.

There you have my list of kitchen essentials. As you go along, you’ll obviously need to buy more bits of gear. However, making sure you have these items will steer you away from any big disasters!

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