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The Non-Gardener’s Eco Garden Guide

You don’t have to be a keen gardener to want a garden that is environmentally friendly. We all know how important it is not to harm the environment we live in. Many of us want to use our gardens to relax in and enjoy a day or two of sunny weather each year. Whether you are keen to begin learning about gardening or not, you shouldn’t have to feel lost on your own lawn.

The most important thing about a garden is enjoyment. Whether you intend to work your garden or not, this space should be a pleasure for you. You might like to sit out here and enjoy a cool drink in the summer. To create a seating area in your garden, you need to consider how much space you need. A patio or decking area is ideal for a flat level ground to sit a dining table and chairs. You may even have the space for a couple of loungers.

When you consider the environmental impact of decking, it’s important to choose materials carefully. Composite decking is considered more friendly to the environment than hardwood for several reasons. It lasts longer so won’t need to be replaced as often, and best of all, it is made from mostly recycled materials. You won’t need to worry about the sustainability of forestry with this, and yet it looks exactly like real hardwood.

You can use decking to join different areas of your garden too. And the surface is ideal for placing pots of flowers on. Some people use decking areas to frame planting beds as well. It is particularly handy for raised beds. You can choose to plant shrubs, flowers, or even vegetables here. It looks particularly good next to green lawn areas too.

Some people shy away from lawn because they feel it is high maintenance. There are robot lawn mowers available now to save you the hard work. They may take a little setting up, and they can be quite expensive, but they promise to keep your lawn nourished and looking immaculate. Flower beds that frame a lawn can be time-consuming to keep weed free. Choose colourful shrubs instead. The colour often lasts through the year as well.

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Gardens that produce crops of fruit or vegetables do require a lot of work. But the rewards are very fulfilling. You could start with growing something simple like strawberries. These will grow almost anywhere. Why not try a hanging basket? That way, you can see if tending to plants is going to be something you will enjoy. For a perfect organic garden, you will need to very wary of the products you use. But the quality of your produce will be worth every effort!

One of the best things about gardening is that it gives you the creative outlet to design your perfect outdoor space. Whether you just want to sit and enjoy the view, or you want to eat straight from your garden, getting into the habit of gardening is very rewarding. It can even keep you fit and help you eat more healthily. Love your garden.

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