Summer Holiday in a Ski Resort: Alpensia Pyeongchang

We will be on our way back to Alpensia, Pyeongchang in a few hours. But before we do, I’d like to reminisce about our 2015 summer holidays there. What did we do in a ski resort on a summer? Plenty! And our family enjoyed it a lot that we promised to go back there this Lunar New Year. We liked our accommodation at the Holiday Inn Resorts and the service was awesome! This Lunar New Year, hubby reserved a 2-bedroom condo-style unit at the Holiday Inn & Suites and we’re looking forward to that.

Anyway, even before arriving at Alpensia last summer, we have already set and scheduled the resort’s water park, Ocean 700 where my DeFourth had his little adventure.

The moment we arrived, the kids became excited with the European town-like ambiance and immediately bugged us to let them do the go-karts.

Alpensia summer bike for kids

And that’s exactly what they did enjoying the wide space between the Holiday Inn Resorts and the Holiday Inn Suites. The slopes in front of the Holiday Inn Resorts are a beautiful white during winter but it was a beautiful green with colorful flowers during summer. The ski lifts are used to bring people up to the petting farm on top of the hill. And since we are a family who values relaxation so much, we didn’t bother to schedule going to the Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm so we brought the kids up the hill where they experienced a number of “first times”. One, the ski lift ride was exciting and scary at the same time for my first son who made a lot of funny faces. He’s a jolly, funny young man my first born! Second, they were able to pet and feed the sheep and their faces showed so much joy!

pigs and ducks live with the sheep

It’s amusing to see pigs inching their way to have a share of food amidst those sheep. There were ducks around, too.

loving the experience

I love the look on my sons’ faces while they were feeding the animals. They were gentle and they just had so much fun from it.

As part of the Pyeongchang Biennale, we saw a military performing group setting up in the activity center just outside of Holiday Inn Resort’s Mont Blanc Restaurant.

military performing group

As expected of them, they began performing classical orchestra pieces. But the real fun began when their soloists began performing k-pop songs and the people who gathered around began to really cheer them up. So, an otherwise stiff group of military personnel loosening up through their performance got a well-deserved appreciation from the crowd.

Our second day was spent at the Ocean 700. It was a full-day water park activity for us. There was no way we can pull the boys out of the water park. It was an ideal set-up for us so getting out at almost closing time wasn’t a big deal since we were just a few minutes walk away from the hotel. Needless to say, kiddos had a good snore that night.

Our third day started with the boys playing with the water balls.

the longest 5 minutes

Me thinks that was the longest 5 minutes ever! Well, I’m sure the staff did give them time extension. They went out all wet with sweat…. and a little bit exhausted! But, of course, they had more than enough energy left to play at the playground, roll down small hills, and run around. There’s a walking trail just outside of the building that houses Ocean 700. Hubby and the boys took the walking trail but I stayed behind and just took some photos.

Exploring the grounds of Alpensia was entertaining in itself especially if you’re into photography. It was a perfect time to capture flowers and bees and the greens around. Dragonflies fascinated my son and he kept on chasing them. Recently, I showed him again his photo during this vacation holding a dragonfly. He exclaimed “my best friend!”… Nope, he isn’t deprived of playmates, hahaha!

Flowers abound and they are all over the slopes and the grounds. Everyone’s free to go around and admire the scenery. It’s beautiful. And I am sure it will be more picturesque if the management allows the flowers to grow in an even wider space.

Aside from Holiday Inn Resorts and Holiday Inn & Suites, Alpensia boasts of another IHG hotel, the 5-star Intercontinental Hotel. It stands magnificent and worthy of its prime location.

The Intercontinental Hotel ALpensia

It’s farther from the center of the activities but near enough for the hotel guests to walk around if they want to. Though separated and farther from where the action is, it can entertain its own guests with its own luxurious facilities. Since this is the only hotel among the three hotels that has a gym, my husband did his daily walk over to Intercon so he didn’t miss his work-out. He was allowed to use the gym since he is an IHG Spire Elite member even though we chose to stay at the Holiday Inn Resorts.

in front of Intercon

There was a small putting green on the hotel grounds so the boys had the chance to play for awhile. Since we came over here in Korea, my husband didn’t have any chance to play golf anymore but he playfully tried to teach them anyway.

golf hero for his sons – would they even know?

The kids couldn’t care less if their Dad is a good golf player or not. What’s important for them is they could play:-).

a chance to pretend to play golf


There’s a small island called 솔 섬connected by a bridge from the front of Intercon. There’s a gazebo in the middle of the the island and my boys simply enjoyed their rest.

In the middle of 솔 섬

We loved it!

We enjoyed our vacation and we are so looking forward to going back.

Summer at Alpensia

Just a few months ago, we enjoyed Alpensia’s summer colors. In a few hours, we will see Alpensia in its winter splendor. I can’t wait…

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25 thoughts on “Summer Holiday in a Ski Resort: Alpensia Pyeongchang

  1. What a beautiful place to have a quick family holiday. My kids are still quite young, but I can imagine us going there one day as well and enjoying the place like you guys did last year. Your photos are amazing, by the way. Thank you for sharing this 🙂
    Jackie recently posted..Kids Cafes of Seoul: GwanakMy Profile

    1. When your babies are older, you will definitely have fun, Jackie. We didn’t do much when they were babies, too. Now they have more energy than me.

  2. Nice! I haven’t been to Alpensia in the summer OR winter. Maybe going next weekend though! I want to visit during the sheep shearing in the spring – supposed to be fun!

  3. Looks like your boys had a good time! It reminds me of my family vacations out to mountain cabins, and playing outside and skiing in the countryside. I loved those trips so much, and I’m sure your boys will look back on this with the same fondness.

    Great post!

  4. Wow! This looks amazing–great shots of the flowers!! I love it when ski resorts take the time to make sure it draws in tourists during the summer months, and it seems like they did a fantastic job ^^ May have to be going there this summer!

  5. We really wanted to go here for winter for snowboarding, but we are running short on time and the weather just hasn’t been participating when we were available to go this winter for us to have some great snow on the slopes! It’s nice to see there are so many activities to do in the summertime. It also looks beautiful! What a great family vacation! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was snowing heavily during the Lunar New Year. It’s ideal for skiing and snowboarding, right? Especially the day after the heavy snow.

      1. DJ MM, Do you find the truss are expansive? or not because of always having jobs for them they pay off, we have just started advertising for weddings and i think its a real nice touch having the uplights inside, we have LED par 64s we use. Great Job, Truly inspiring

      2. 14 years ago (!) I did a feature for Nature on science in Mexico, where I discovered that the Mexican science agency CONACYT was working very hard to tempt Mexican scientists back home from the USA and mostly not succeeding. The particular problem was that Mexicp didn’t have a critical mass pf sciemtists of _any_nationality to meet its needs . So they came up with a cunning plan that worked a lot better. They targeted talented but threadbare Russians ( this was 1994, remember). Whenever I visited a lab they made a point of wheeling out their token Russian.

    1. There’s a zipper in that big ball. They let the person/kid in and zip it up and pump it. When it’s secured, the staff manually pushes the ball into the water. I think it’s exhausting hahaha… It is gaining popularity. Primarily because this is the area in Pyeongchang that houses the more luxurious accommodation (IHG hotels) aimed to attract international tourists and players come the 2018 Winter Olympics.

  6. Your flower photos turned out so nicely! I always wondered what Korean ski resorts were like as summer destinations. Seems the fare well in both seasons. How was your return trip to the resort in the winter? I’d love to see a comparison of the resort in both environments!
    Izzy recently posted..Valentine’s Day in SaigonMy Profile

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