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Planning A Baby Shower? Read These Top Tips

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the arrival of a baby into the world. If you’ve been put in charge of planning a baby shower for a friend or relative, the pressure is on you to make it memorable. It’s an occasion that celebrates new beginnings and shows the parents just how loved and supported they are. Even though the pressure may be on to make it special, they don’t need months of planning and an unlimited budget to execute successfully. So to bring a smile to the guests and parents-to-be, use these top tips to plan a fun and personal baby shower in no time.

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Make a gift list for the guests
While the parents will undoubtedly need plenty of baby essentials, you can help them out by creating a gift list. It’s likely they have bought items they will need throughout the pregnancy. So sit down with them or visit a baby store together and create a list of things they don’t yet have. Distribute this list when you send out the invitations and include the prices too. This will make sure the parents don’t receive items they already have and give the guests the chance to buy the items they really need. People who don’t have children may be unsure what to buy so this also provides them with lots of gift ideas.

Think of fun activities
There are countless baby shower activities and games you could include in your baby shower plans. They all need to be simple, easy to understand and get everybody involved. Consider what the parents like and use this as inspiration. For instance, if they are quite crafty you could create a ‘decorate the onesie’ competition. This is where everyone can try decorating a plain babygrow for the baby to wear. Or if they like movies, get images of popular children’s characters from kids TV shows and films. Choose characters from a range of different eras to ensure everyone can guess at least one. Not only will this be fun, but it will also give the new parents some insight into the cartoons and characters their baby might love.

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Create a theme
Themes can add focus to a party and make even the smallest of venues feel extra special. So get thinking on a simple but effective theme that would be appreciated by all. The theme you choose should then influence the food and drink, favours and decor you need to organise. You could go over the top with a jungle theme or just stick to a simple colour. You could also theme it depending on the sex of the baby. If in doubt florals and vintage styles always work well.

Prepare plenty of seating
Whether it’s during an activity or nibbling on food, your plans will always require seating. When you set up make sure you have a chair for every guest to sit on. Also, consider seating alternatives such as benches and large throw pillows. This should make all of your guests feel welcome and comfortable throughout.

With these top tips, you’ll be the best baby shower planner there is. Your best friend or close relative will be so thankful they assigned this task to you and be impressed with how well you’ve done.

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2 thoughts on “Planning A Baby Shower? Read These Top Tips

  1. Most baby showers happen shortly before the baby is born, and a shower makes for a welcome diversion especially toward the end of pregnancy. When setting a date for the party, first consult the parents-to-be. It would be disappointing to plan a party and send out invitations, only to find out that the most important people have a schedule conflict. You also may have to accommodate the travel plans of grandparents, for example, even if they aren’t the guests of honor. If you decide to throw a shower after the baby is born, that’s fine too. And with a baby as the centerpiece, you’ll have a surefire icebreaker and conversation topic.

  2. It’s very important to keep your guest of honor’s preferences when it comes to activities. Because some moms- and dads-to-be dislike shower games and like to spend time socializing with guests. So it’s better to ask about these kinds of things before you start planning.

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