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Make Your Home Super Cosy With These Amazing Tricks

After a busy day at work, there’s nothing better than getting home and spreading out on the sofa. Even better if you’ve styled your home into a comfortable retreat away from the rest of the world! Decorating your home in a current style is important, but you also need to create a livable and very comfortable space for you and your family. Not too sure how to combine practical features with a fashionable decor? Here are my favourite tricks to make your home super cosy.

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Fabrics and cushions
Spruce up your sofas and armchairs with colourful fabrics! They will brighten up the room and help to brighten up your whole family’s mood. Add some plump cushions to the mix for added comfort. The more cushions you have, the better you’ll be able to snuggle up in the evening. If you transform your sofa into a super-soft relaxation zone, you’ll want to spend all day there. You may not even make it to bed at night!

Get the air temperature just right
Being too hot or too cold can lead to a lot of discomfort. If you are having trouble maintaining a constant temperature in your home, there could be a fault with your heating or air conditioning. It could be a job for the professionals! To ensure a longer life for your heating and air conditioning appliances, remember to maintain them regularly. Also, test them to see if they are working efficiently. If you need to buy new equipment, take a look at Academy Air.

Lose drab colours
Sure, silvers and greys may be seen as super chic shades for decor but I find them drab and slightly depressing. Whenever I need to redecorate a room, I always go for a bright paint or wallpaper. You’ll be amazed at how much colour schemes can affect your moods, so try and liven everything up with bold splashes of colour! If you want a bright colour that’s on-trend right now, check out 2016’s colour trends.

Declutter and stay organised
A messy home can give off bad vibes. One way to up your home’s comfort is to thoroughly declutter and tidy up. Once you lose the clutter, you’ll find you feel more relaxed. After all, you won’t constantly be trying to tidy up! Not only will you have more space, but your home will look a lot more welcoming. Maybe now is the right time to invite all your friends round?!

Go for vintage styles
Vintage decor involves lots of wooden furnishings and natural materials. This is a stark contrast to many modern styles, such as minimalism, which favour cold metals and plastics. Using a lot of metal in your design can end up feeling quite clinical. And you don’t want to spend your evenings in a living room that resembles a doctor’s waiting room!

It’s amazing how little changes, such as the above ones, can turn your home into a zone of total comfort in no time at all! And you never know, implementing small changes might give you the decorating bug. Before you know it, your home may completely change!

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