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How To Be More Productive

We often wonder why there aren’t more hours in the day, so that we can accomplish all of our tasks in a timely manner. But instead of making wishes for more time that can never be granted, why not learn how to get the most out of what we already have? We’ve prepared some tips for you to achieve that goal, but they’re just useful starters so if you want to go deeper, look for professional literature. Abebooks have great offers on those, especially when you use a Discountrue coupon, so don’t miss out on the occasion! And now take a look at some suggestions about how to become more productive:

1. Exposure to Sunlight

When we first wake up in the morning, our bodies crave immediate exposure to the sunlight. Lack of natural light can cause you to experience a feeling that is not all that different from jet lag. If you are starting to feel the urge to slow down in the middle of the day, head outside for a quick walk or stand near a window. Sunlight serves as a stimulant for our bodies’ natural clocks and gives us the energy boost we need.

2. Give Out Compliments

Some might be wondering how giving out a compliment will help them to be more productive and the answer is a very simple one: dopamine, a chemical that serves to control the reward centers of the human body. When we take the time out of our day to offer a genuine compliment to a friend or coworker, the subsequent release of dopamine helps to kick-start our productivity and push us into the highest of gears.

3. Break Up The Day

Incessant focus on one particular task is not helpful when you want to become more productive. Working on a project nonstop and staying focused on the task at hand for an entire day leads to stilted thought patterns and an inability to tap into our creative juices. Giving yourself regular breaks allows the brain to synthesize the necessary information in a brand new way.

4. Exercise

Guess what? You DO have time to fit exercise into your busy schedule and regular physical activity is a must when it comes to unlocking our innate ability to be productive people. Regular exercise is a great way to boost your energy level and your productivity. Those who exercise daily report feeling sluggish and lethargic on days when they have actually not engaged in physical activity.

5. Take It Step By Step

Too many people believe that they have to tackle their latest project all at once, instead of breaking it down into chunks that are much more easily digestible. When a task seems overwhelming, take a moment to cut it down to size. Working in smaller bits is recommended, especially for those who struggle to give themselves time away from the task at hand. It often helps to sleep on it.

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