Holiday Inn Resorts at Alpensia

We fancy good accommodation and special perks. At least, while the kids are still young. This reasoning has always provided us with the best excuse and we’re enjoying every moment. So in every hotel we get into, we always rejoice at personalized notes and a bottle of wine. It wasn’t any different at Holiday Inn Resorts Alpensia:

welcome drinks at Holiday Inn REsort

The Holiday Inn Resorts is one of the three hotels located at Alpensia. The other 2 are the Holiday Inn Suites and the Intercontinental Hotel. Comes the full blast promotion for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, Alpensia and its hotels will be international names as it will be a major venue for the Olympic events. So we headed there last summer for a much-needed 3-nights, 4-days break.

family at Holiday Inn REsorts Alpensia

Last summer of 2015, Alpensia wasn’t a popular destination among Koreans yet. Most locals we have talked to were not yet aware about the place. Unlike Yongpyeong, the nearby ski resort, Alpensia is still steadily building its name. By the looks of it and with the quality of the hotel chains it has, local and international tourists will be booking in advance and filling up its rooms.

This coming Lunar New Year, the hotels are fully-booked. Friends who wanted to stay at Alpensia weren’t able to get any accommodation anymore. Hubbydoo had the foresight to book last December so our Lunar New Year vacation is now fully secured.

Days before our arrival, somebody from the hotel’s Guest Service Center had been in communication with my husband. So the hotel knows that we have 2 sons with us. Aren’t they thoughtful to provide 2 small slippers for our precious little ones?

slippers for the little ones, too

Last time a hotel was this thoughtful was when we checked-in at Conrad Singapore. We had slippers for the little ones, the famous Conrad teddy, a box of chocolates and 2 sets of coloring books. We were impressed with their attention to their guests’ needs. We didn’t request for any of those.

This time, we also didn’t request for slippers. We didn’t even know that they provide smaller slippers for tinier feet. But Holiday Inn Resort Alpensia went the extra mile!

They put us in the Kids Suite.

bunker beds for the boys
cozy kiddie room for the boys

The Kids Suite came as a surprise to us. The hotel thought we would be happy with the kids’ accommodation. Oh, indeed we were! The Kids Suite has two adult beds in the main room. We usually put these beds together and sleep all the four of us together. This kiddie room has its own cabinets for clothes, too. It also has a door going to the toilet and bath.

double-sized bathtub

And what a bath it was! It’s a double-sized bath tub. We were almost tempted not to go to the water park, the Ocean 700… Lol. Needless to say, the kids were ecstatic!

We had a spacious veranda. Although we didn’t get a slope-view, the village view wasn’t bad at all. We didn’t mind watching people on the streets while drinking wine or beer from this vantage point.


It was a good, albeit short, summer vacation. I am reserving our activities in another post, however late it may come. It will come to be written about, that I promise! (And I did write about it: Summer Holiday in a Ski Resort)

On our last buffet breakfast, the Mont Blanc manager served us with a fruit platter and simple tokens… Beer glasses, ha!ha!ha!.,, He ‘s still sweet!

fruit platter served by the Mont Blanc Manager

We promised ourselves we’re going back for winter so we can see and experience Alpensia’s winter splendor. After all, it is for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics that all this preparation and beautification is done for.

Then maybe, we can try any of this:

different kinds of pillow?


Gracious! Would you know the difference?

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13 thoughts on “Holiday Inn Resorts at Alpensia

  1. Wow, that’s some impressive service from the hotel. The kid’s room looked especially fun for your two boys. Glad you enjoyed your holiday, thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds like a terrific hotel. I also love when I receive personalized notes from the hotel. How is it that such a simple gesture goes such a long way? I have never been to Pyeongchang but if I ever visit I’ll be sure to look up Holiday Inn.

  3. Wendy, I can attest to the high standards of accommodation at Alpensia resort. Its interesting that I was even there a couple of weeks ago. I went with other friends to do a one-day program for the PyeongChang Games. Prior to that, my class (Sport Management) in 2015, made a trip to the Resort as part of my academic program to interact with the Pyeongchang Organizing Committee. It was my first time also to learn skiing. Such an unforgettable experience. I even wrote about it. I still relish the conducive stay in the suites. This post actually brings memories. Thanks for sharing.
    Williams Kyei recently posted..Fundraising for Kuli Primary School in GhanaMy Profile

    1. That’s so nice to know, William. We just spent our Lunar New Year there and it was great. We chose to stay at the Holiday inn & Suites this time and it was perfect since we had friends together during the day and everyone had a place to relax.

  4. I’ve never been to Alpansia but I’ve heard great things. The bunk bed for your little ones is too cute! The veranda looks lovely. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. We were actually looking into going to Alpensia this weekend for the holiday but couldn’t get any affordable accommodation (thanks to last minute planning) We will have to check out this option before winter is over! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow! It would have been great to bump into you both at Alpensia. Our friends had to book at another place because all the 3 hotels are fully-booked. You could try after the Lunar New Year, though. Good luck!

  6. Thanks very much for sharing this post! It is always good to get recommendations on lodging, especially since I don’t know much of the different areas of Korea. Hopefully your visit in the winter will be equally as fantastic! May just book a night there someday myself 🙂

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