3 Ways To Make A Positive Change In Your Life

We all have the best intentions when it comes to changing ourselves for the better. You might desire to go running every day, paint more or learn a new language. But unfortunately, a lot of the time something gets in the way and prevents us from doing so early on. This can lead us to feeling unfulfilled and unenthusiastic to try anything new as we believe we will fail again. But it’s easier than you think to create a positive change in your life, you just need to change your current attitude. With that in mind, here are three ways you can use to successfully achieve bettering yourself.


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Start small
You are never going to become fluent in French or become a best-selling author overnight. So whatever change you are striving towards, break it down into small goals. This will make your goal easier to achieve, help you feel more in control and makes the process seem less daunting. For example, if you want to improve your drawing skills, set yourself a goal to create a small pencil drawing each day. Over time you can increase the number of pictures you draw and introduce different drawing tools. This will give you a focus that is not too difficult to achieve and make you feel accomplished.

Get inspired
Inspiration comes in a number of different forms, and everyone finds it in different ways. When you’re inspired, you feel more motivated, enthusiastic and eager to start. Think about the change you want to make and sources of inspiration you could try to get yourself on track. You could try reading a book by inspirational authors such as Michael Abbate and Maya Angelou. Or you could visit an art gallery, take photographs, go for a walk or watch an interesting documentary. The internet is also a fantastic resource that holds endless possibilities when it comes to being inspired. You might find it quickly, or it may take time for you to feel captured by something. Try to make a conscious effort to find it but don’t force yourself to feel inspired by something. It won’t have the desired effect you hope it will and won’t be long lasting. That way you will be more open to change, and inspiration will naturally come to you.

Reward yourself
Many of us are often too hard on ourselves and forget to reward ourselves for your achievements. This can often result in many of us feeling we haven’t achieved a lot when in fact we have. When you reach a goal, even if it is a small one you should take the time to celebrate it. Maybe you cycled to work instead of driving or managed to finish finally the book you’ve been reading. Whatever it is, recognising it will spur you to continue. You could buy yourself a slice of cake or a trendy item of clothing. Acknowledging an achievement every day or every week will help you associate positivity with the change you at striving to make. It will also give you something to look forward to.

These three ways should change the way you feel about change and help you see it in a more positive light.

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