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Inspired at the Creative Center for Convergence Culture

My Wednesday was a time well-spent with my ever-smiling and non-stop chatter friend, Ingrid. As we are both stay-at-home moms whose free time is dependent on our husbands’ and sons’ schedule, our perfect area to explore is the Digital Media Center (DMC). After-all, we are DMC neighbors!

It was a freezing day last Wednesday so we opted not to do the nature walk that we originally planned. Korea is still under the cold wave… ughhh! This is the beauty of DMC, Sangam-dong. We live in Korea’s Silicon Valley on one side balanced by nature well-utilized and maintained on the other side of the road where we can enjoy beautiful sunsets and children can explore nature. We randomly chose a resto for lunch (we’ll never go back there again! Expensive!), spent some time at the DMC Gallery where one could learn how DMC was developed starting from the development of Nouel and Haneul Parks that were once landfills. They are now go-to places especially during the Fall season. Clever and amazing how this area came about. Political will and pride for one’s country! Then we moved on and passed by the CJ E&M Bldg. Then curiosity got the better of us upon seeing this:

Eye-catching at the lobby of CJ E&M

Definitely an eye candy!

Then this!

Creative Lounge at CJ E&M

We knew we wanted to get in! And just imagine our joy when we learned we could get in for free. The place is actually open for everyone.

We learned that the place is called the Creative Center for Convergence Culture (CCCC). It’s going to be a year old this February 11. Rather than me rewriting what the place is all about, I am sure CCCC’s brochure would accurately say it:

CCCC is media giant CJ Entertainment’s collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as their way of supporting the government’s thrust to put into the forefront Korea’s start-ups and Korea’s creative economy.

We stayed for awhile at the Creative Lounge and got perked up by these:

Artsy inspirations

These are attention-grabbing boxes piled up at the left side of the Creative Lounge. This space can hold lectures, showcase and networking events.

The display at the Memory and History brings us back in time. Unlike our children today, we grew up with most of these video and audio media. My sons will just have to check in museums to be able to see these:-).

Indeed, we could only move and fly forward to higher heights if we value the strengths of the past. It’s a very interesting collage of media equipment.

Going up to the second floor, you wouldn’t miss these large Perpetual Mirror Blinkers by the highly-esteemed artist Hong SungChul.

Now this!

For Moms-of-boys like Ingrid and I, there’s no way we couldn’t take notice of this hallway adorned by Legos. So much work put into these. Admirable! This is really a lab of imagination. Legos are the building blocks of concretized ideas.

Immediately after the end of the lego-adorned wall is the Motion Studio.

The Motion Studio is where motions are digitalized through a high tech motion capture system. For someone not inclined to this kind of media, this was honestly intimidating for me. I have high respects for these creators who make it easy for us visually.

At the farthest end of the hallway is the Sound Lab where recording and audio dubbing are done with the latest technology. Also available for free use for creative talents are musical instruments.

Sound Lab

I think government and private entity support is so overwhelming. Who can’t thrive in an environment like this?

Then there’s this space I call my personal haven.  The Craft Lab!

Craft Lab

Just looking at all those materials at the Craft Lab makes me want to hurriedly get my own little craft set at home and start working on little projects that calm my spirit.

Of course, the place is not just for busy hands. Little corners and long tables await for brainstorming. Or an alone-time for reading…. Or even blogging.

The place also boasts of a 150-inch screen inside its Screening Lab. This space is designed for showcasing one’s creative works. How I wish we could have film showing here. That would be really fantastic!

Screening Lab

Also check out this Hologram at the 2nd floor. The lady at the reception specifically told us to watch this presentation. This will be an interesting time for my kiddos when I bring them one of these days!


This place is one “Life Style Hub” I would love to frequent. You can feel its energy, its dynamism! It invigorates.

Lifestyle Hub

It was a Wednesday afternoon of good discovery. And it was an afternoon of positive energy. Just the way I like it!

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15 thoughts on “Inspired at the Creative Center for Convergence Culture

  1. What an interesting find! We are firm believers in wandering around and finding things yet undiscovered in our own backyard, so it’s good to see such success from someone else’s adventures! Maybe we will go for a walk around our neighborhood soon and see if there is something visually appealing to pursue.

  2. This is really cool! I actually photographed the Jeju Creative Economy Innovation Centre for the Jeju Weekly last September. Seeing and reading about the CCCC in Seoul makes me understand where the idea for the one in Jeju came from! These are great places and I’m glad they keep them free and open to the public. Nice photos and tour of the place, thanks for sharing!
    Eric recently posted..Snowy Jeju WinterMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Jackie! Don’t worry, I’d been through that stage and before you know it, they’re off to school. By then, you’ll have more ME time:-).

  3. Ahhh what a cool place! I worked for a startup back home last year and absolutely loved the startup culture. I think Korea would really benefit from a surge in their startup scene, and seeing something like this is a step in the right direction. I’ll have to check this place out if I spend some quality time in Seoul this fall. Thanks for the scoop!
    Nathan Anderson recently posted..The Birth of a WandererMy Profile

    1. The current government is very keen on supporting start-ups. So this CCCC is a colaboration between the government and CJ E&M. Great program, if I may add.

  4. I never knew a place like this existed in Korea! I love all those little inspirational messages about creativity and that craft lab! Dude, if I had a set up like that at home, I would be the most productive person on the planet! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into something most people would pass up!

    1. Oh, once you pass this place you will definitely take a second look. We did and we were intrigued. The inspirational messages caught our attention and there are many things going around the walls and little corners. The craft lab is a big yes!

    1. I forgot the name of the restaurant. It serves Korean dishes on the second floor of Nuritkum. Expensive for a simple lunch for two at 34,000-won.

    1. This is great for start-ups especially in the media. I bet some film students would love to share their work at the Screening Lab. And yeah, the creative lounge looks inviting for networking events.

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