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Incredible Ways To Enjoy More Art In Your Life

There isn’t a day that goes by without me taking a long look at my favourite painting. If you have a work of art that captures your imagination, you can take great pleasure from spending time just staring. It’s almost therapeutic. Of course, there are an infinite number of subjects for a painting. And some are closer to the heart than others.

My home decor wouldn’t be complete with some paintings and art on the walls. I like things that are full of vibrant colour and movement. It doesn’t have to be original. A print will do. But it has to be something that makes me want to stare. I love wall art that looks like the artist’s brush was dancing for joy on the canvas, but I also love photos and pictures of people I love.

Anyone with kids usually has plenty of pictures of their babies on the walls. And those of us with pets often enjoy having visual reminders of our pooches and cat babies too! It doesn’t matter what style of art you like most. If you’re not keen on having photos on the wall, why not have a painting of your pet? You can find ideas for a work of art at Colour Pet Studio online to get an idea of the kind of artwork your beloved pets could inspire.

The living room sofa, brightly colored pillows, table, lamps, and art, staged Craftsman house, U District, Seattle, Washington, USA

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My bedroom is the place where I like to relax and rest before turning off the light. I love having pictures that are soothing and calming in there. They are the last ones I see before falling asleep, so they are the ones that are most dear to me. But you can have art in every room of your house. And most offices use art to help create a more productive atmosphere. Some managers put up inspirational posters with quotes. Others like vibrant works of art full of energy to invigorate the office.

More and more people are using wall decals. These are like stickers that you can place on the wall. Using a decal means you can create a work of art across the entire wall, even incorporating the furniture against it. It’s a great way to personalise the room, and decorate a wall. Wall-sized decals or posters can be ideal for decorating a child’s bedroom too. The colours and designs could be of something that inspires them. A train, a rainbow, or a favourite TV character could be perfect for them.

Art for me is about colour and shape. I think art in any room can enhance your decor and create plenty of character for the room. Art can also make a great gift, especially when the subject is close to the recipient’s heart. Lots of people like to give photos in a frame to loved ones. Some give canvas prints to hang on the wall. It’s a great way to keep a visual reminder close to hand of the ones we love the most.

The great thing about art is that anyone can enjoy making it too. Hanging your own creations on the wall of your home helps us feel a sense of pride about the work. And best of all, it allows us to put our personality into the decor of our homes.

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