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Family Christmas Outfit

With just a few days before Christmas, I am now feeling the  pressure of getting our family outfit for Christmas. It’s a self-inflicted pressure, actually.

You see, every Christmas I always get a family outfit for our family of four. I love it when we are coordinated. I started with just similar colors for us. Another year, we had identical shirts with our respective names on the shirt. There was also that 70’s theme. Another was the shirt suit theme. Last year, we had shirt with scarf design for the holiday season.

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Hmmmm… Problem is, these are outfits with a seasonal theme. We can’t use them on other season or other occasion aside from Christmas. I’m thinking I want this year to be more pragmatic.

I would like to come up with a cool theme this year, one that we can use on other days but one that would still stand out. I have checked out Gmarket and they have family shirts. But I’m afraid my husband will find them too cheesy. And then… I am thinking that since we are based in South Korea and Korea is known for its k-pop and its 2 Koreas (the divided North and South), why not give camouflage looks a go this year? It will be an interesting conversation starter in the annual Christmas family gathering. They will again be checking out updates about Korea and the weirdo leader of the North. Anyway, Camouflage prints gives off that rugged and casual look. And since I’m the only She in the family, I can choose whether to have an over-all camouflage prints or simply have a hat. My boys would only be too happy running around feeling that they are in playing mode. My husband could have camouflage pants.

Perfect! We will be Christmas ready without being too Christmassy!


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