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Fall Foliage

My home country, the Philippines, is a tropical country. We don’t see the earth change its hues. We witness the magnificent sea shores and delight in every summer’s warmth. We feel like cuddling not because of winter’s chill. Instead, the raindrops give us enough reason to bundle up. I love it and take comfort in the steadiness of the 2 seasons.

So going through the 4 seasons and seeing each of them unfold has definitely offered experiences to keep in my memory bank and sights to behold. Autumn, among all seasons, has reignited my desire to capture colors. I dared to move around again with my camera. I don’t possess high-end lens so I alternate between my kit lens and prime lens.  I don’t do photoshop, either. Most photos here are as raw as you can get so they may not elicit some ohhs and ahhs. But it’s not easy not to Fall in love with Autumn. It’s own natural beauty leaves me fearless to share.

I wanted to take a photo of my three boys (my husband and my 2 sons) but they were too far after I finished adjusting the settings of my camera. I didn’t notice the couple in front but when I looked at my camera screen,  I loved the story of the photo.

I will walk with you until the autumn of our lives… #AutumnFeels #autumncolors🍁 #WorldCupPark

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The photo was taken around World Cup Park. We were on our way to get sunset photos of the Haneul Park. The setting sun that weekend was fiery so I got photos that didn’t need any tinkering. They were beautiful as they are.

Buildings with crawling leaves aren’t rare but when I saw this one, I stopped on my tracks and can’t resist taking a photo. After taking this photo below, I briefly talked with the lady in the ticket booth and she, luckily, can speak English. She said this building was built in 1971 and is one of the important architectural buildings in Seoul. Fantastic! This building is called the Space Building and now houses the Arario Museum. It’s facade changes with the season.

The Arario Museum, Seoul

Reflection of images in the water are common shots. But they’re still beautiful so I gave in to the desire to use this similar style. The structure blends perfectly with the Autumn leaves. This is the Aeryeonji Pond, one of the ponds inside the Secret Garden located inside the Chandeokgung Palace.  In spite of the crowd, I found a sense of serenity here:

Aeryonji Pond, Secret Garden

This is still the Aeryeonji Pond from another angle. The whole area of the Secret Garden consists of valleys. Finding your own spot is an exercise in itself but the glorious Autumn leaves make it easier and less intimidating to take photos.

Aeryonji Pond, Secret Garden

This is another pond inside the Secret Garden. I fell in love with the branches as if they are reaching out to the other side of the pond. All those different colors provide additional romance… or drama, whichever is your state of mind.


Korean traditional architecture uses earthy hues so its beauty lies in its quality to complement.

Nothing stands out because what man has made blended well with what nature already has.


I think this post is getting overloaded with pictures. Let me just aptly end this with these doors:

red doors


“There are things known and there are things unknown and in between are the doors”.

–  Jim Morrison

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16 thoughts on “Fall Foliage

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  2. Yeah nice post! Korea is definitely a nice place in fall and you can easily see the big changes during the four seasons which is great. Where I’m from we also have four seasons but I think here it’s easier to see the differences between them as it stays much colder back home and longer.

  3. I absolutely love this country’s foliage in the fall. I am borderline obsessed with that photograph of the older couple walking along the path. What a beautiful moment candidly captured. Thanks for re instilling my beliefs that autumn in Korea is truly the best!

    1. The couple pic is one of my favorites, too. The Space Building is amazing. I should go back there on Spring and see how the facade looks like:-).

    1. Thanks, Megan. I bet you took pics of Chandeokgung Palace. Korea seem to be more charming during the Fall season… It’s beautiful everywhere.

    1. Good to know you can picture out what I wrote about. These Haneul and Noeul Park are really amazing… To think that these were landfills before.

    1. Thanks, Charisse. Glad to know that you’re from the Philippines, too. I did read about the Manila and Tagaytay vacation you blogged about.

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