Bokkeumbap after Dak Galbi in Gapyeong

I am not a food critic. I don’t even know which resto best serves which dish.

That being said, let’s just trust the mighty food gods who say that Chuncheon and the neighboring Gapyeong serve the best “dak galbi” here in Korea.

And so, before leaving for Seoul during our recent visit to Nami Island, my family enjoyed Gapyeong’s  specialty in this restaurant overlooking part of a serene lake surrounding Namiseom. I didn’t get the name of the restaurant but with a view like this, it would not be hard to find.


Dak galbi is a stir-fried dish with chicken, tteokbokki (rice cakes) and vegetables. The chicken is marinated in spicy red pepper paste. Then the chicken is mixed with cabbage, green onions and sweet potatoes in a large pan. It’s yummy. And very filling.

Our dak galbi. Just for me and my husband and our 2 little boys.

It is not served with rice but Koreans usually order rice when the dish is almost finished. It’s going to be sauteed right in front of you and mixed with whatever is left of dak galbi.


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