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Veranda Farmer: Growing Radishes

I never thought I will be able to discover my green thumb in this metropolitan city of Seoul! I had grown potatoes in my veranda… and more!

Upon seeing my growing potato patch, a very good friend thought I would be interested to grow other crops. So, he brought me seedlings for radishes and okra! I loved it and I immediately got inspired. I again got my hands dirty and tidied up the tiny patch of fertile soil on the other veranda.


I’m an accidental veranda farmer. So, just imagine my joy seeing these seeds grow gradually everyday. It seems almost… magical! From little seeds to my little patch of land called “veranda”,


I took care of these plants, watering them everyday. Even my little DeFourth took time to water them when he gets to be in the mood.


Plants grow because they have plenty of sunlight and water. Mine grow because they get a lot of attention, too. I didn’t miss how these grow into different sizes:


Do you know that radishes grow these dainty flowers? Well, I just learned that they do because I started seeing them one day:


Here’s a closer look:

These tiny flowers grow into radish pods. You can cook it or wait until they’re brown and take out some seeds for spring planting.


These seeds will be stored and hopefully I will have another round of crops when warm season comes back next year. It’s too late to plant these seeds now for the Fall season is very much in the air.


Imagine my joy when one day I saw these:


I checked on them every now and then. I just made sure that I gently check on the soil so as not to scratch any of its surface. I have harvested several batches already.



All the radishes I harvested I used for cooking sinigang. And I used the radish leaves, too. It’s surprisingly good. I didn’t know that I could actually use radish leaves for sinigang.

Yesterday, I harvested again from my little veranda and got these:


All these vegetables came from my veranda and I only had to buy the remaining ingredients for sinigang. It’s fun checking on these veggies and think about the day’s menu. Organic farming in the smallest farm you can ever see!

When I go back to the Philippines, I would love to have my own little space and I’ll fill it up with life!


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap,

but by the seeds that you plant.”

  • – Robert Louis Stevenson
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9 thoughts on “Veranda Farmer: Growing Radishes

  1. That’s really cool, you made a little spot to garden there. I also never knew that radishes have flowers, in fact the ones that grow on our farm don’t, so I’m wondering if it’s a certain type of radish? Anyway pretty neat, it’s always good to have fresh veggies for the family!
    Don recently posted..The LOVE Project with Alla PonomarevaMy Profile

  2. I wish I had a veranda! We have a small, public patio for my villa. I wonder if my landlord would let us plant things in the spring! I’ll have to check this out again when the weather starts to heat up rather than the tailend of the harvest. Great job! What will you cook with it all?

  3. You have quite the green thumb! I killed my last succulent but so far my rubber tree is growing quite well. I’m not much of a dirt person so idk if I’ll make the switch to food gardening.

  4. Impressive little operation! We, like you, grow on our veranda and came back after summer vacation to a practically jungle-like conditions with hops (used for beer making) taking over. I also love that places like Daiso have gardening supplies. Keep up a great work, farmer!

  5. How awesome! I’ve always wanted to have a little garden (since I live in cities mostly) – hopefully my next place will have suitable sunlight – I really wanna try a little herb garden! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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