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My Guide To Everything You Need To Know To Take Care Of Your Home

As a parent, I like to make sure that my home is well looked after. If something serious were to go wrong with my home, my family could be left homeless – every mom’s worst nightmare. That’s why I ensure that I always take the time to look after my house.

Many people fail to take proper care of their homes because they don’t know where to start. I used to be the same, but once my little ones came along, I knew that I had to change that. I never want my kids to be without a roof over their heads, so I regularly make sure to check my home for any problems.



It can be hard knowing what needs to be checked, that’s why I have created this guide. Filled with lots of tips and advice, below you will find everything that you need to know about taking care of your home:


Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Both fires and carbon monoxide can be deadly, so checking that your alarms are working is a must. You will find a test button on each alarm, press it, and if the alarm sounds, it’s working. If not, replace the batteries as soon as possible, and re-test it.


Have a look at your drainage

Check your exterior drainage to ensure that any water drains away from your property. If you notice areas of standing water, that don’t disappear within 24 hours, you may have a drainage problem. This can lead to water moving towards your home’s foundation, causing all sorts of issues.

If you have drainage problems, it’s important that you seek professional advice as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk the water causing serious damage to your home.


Have your sewer checked

If your home has a sewer, you may not think that it needs to be regularly checked, but it does. This isn’t a job that you can do yourself; it is something that you need to call a contractor for.

If you fail to get your home’s sewer checked, it can become broken or blocked, causing leakage and all sorts of other problems. You should aim to have your sewer checked at least twice a year, by a professional, to ensure that any problems are caught early.

Even if there are any problems, sewer replacement isn’t too expensive and won’t take too long, so there is no need to stress. However, prevention is always better than having to get a replacement, so keeping an eye on your sewer is a must.


Clean your gutters

At least once a month, you need to clean your gutters. If you aren’t a fan of heights, this could be something that your partner can do. Get a ladder and check your gutters for any blockages, such as twigs or leaves.

If you fail to clean your gutters out, this could lead to water penetrating your roof or exterior walls. It can also lead to your guttering breaking, due to the strain that the pipe is under. That’s why it’s so important that you check your gutters regularly, for any blockages.

Check these things on a regular basis, and you can ensure that any problems are detected early.


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