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3 Numbers Every Mom Needs On Speed Dial

As a mom, I often find myself relying on others for help with my kids. It’s true, and I’ve spoken to other moms about this, too. They’re exactly the same. I don’t necessarily mean I need helping to look after them. But there are certain things that can go wrong when you have children and that’s why I’ve got the numbers of these handy services on my mobile. You’ll find it hard to believe that I’ve needed some of these in the past, but I promise, every one of these stories is true.
A Locksmith
Have you ever needed a locksmith for your kids? Probably not, but I wouldn’t be so quick to rule it out because I never thought I would need one either. It started with a trip to the supermarket, and I must admit I was a little stressed at the time. My little one was crying in the back seat as we pulled into the car park. For some reason, he loves to play with my car keys, like a rattle, so I gave them to him. Then, I got out the car, and as I was getting out someone else was trying to get back into theirs and shut my car door. Then, with impeccable timing my little one pressed the lock button and suddenly by poor thing was locked in the car. He found it incredibly amusing, me not so much. But I quickly called Locksmith Sydney, and they were there in no time. They quickly opened the car door, without damaging it and I was reunited with my darling who was none the wiser.
A Babysitter


Okay, so sometimes I do need help looking after my kids, but this isn’t my story. It’s one I picked up chatting to one of my followers. Apparently, she received an unexpected invite to a business event that could give her career a boost. But, of course, her husband was offshore, so there was no one to look after the kids. All hope was lost until she passed a flier on her way to the corner shop. It was advertising a young girl who was starting a babysitting business. The girl had a website with some very favourable reviews, so she decided to ring her up. Luckily she was available, and now, that woman is a partner in her law firm.
A Paediatrician
Me again. When my baby was first born, I have to admit I was a little bit of a hypochondriac. I was always worried that there was something wrong, even when there wasn’t any sign. I remember one time my little one had a cough. It was a tiny little cough and, of course, the chances of it being serious were slim to none, but I still needed to know he was okay. I called up my paediatrician. Even though it was late, he reassured me the cough was nothing, but if it was still there the next morning, he would do a check-up. Needless to say, I slept well that night.
So, if you’re a mom or about to become one, I strongly suggest you get these numbers on your phone pronto. You never know when you might need them.

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