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Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture for Kids

The “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea hatid ng The 601 Habit” finally kicked off yesterday with Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture for Kids at Kinderwelt. Kinderwelt is a Korean pre-school located in Gaebong. Around 40 pre-schoolers, with their teachers, listened and participated in the various activities depicting our Filipino way of life.

students of Kinderwelt with teachers and ladies of The 601 Habit

The kids learned about the Philippine flag and had fun putting the puzzle parts together. It was a pretty effective way of making the kids easily remember our number 1 national symbol.

Philippine flag puzzle


They listened and joined in the singing of Bahay Kubo:

listening and humming to Bahay Kubo

The kids definitely enjoyed the “experience” of riding in a jeepney and learning to say “bayad po” and “para po”.

playing jeepney driver and passengers

We displayed some of our national costumes and some of the ladies wore our elegant “terno”, which the Korean teachers described as “elegant”.

And since we were dealing with active little kids, the little feet need some jumping and kicking. And they had the perfect time to do that with our childhood games “sipa” and (the ironically named) “chinese garter”.

playing “sipa”
“Chinese Garter”

We had to leave, unfortunately. The 1 hour with them may not have been enough for them to take in everything we presented, but we are glad to have started such a positive feeling for them about our country.

And, of course, we left them with a taste of the Philippines, Mango Mania’s (what else!) mangoes.

Philippine mangoes

Cheers and till the next one! This is just the first of a series of activities we are having under “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea”.

Here are the complete pictures of yesterday’s Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture with Kinderwelt.

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9 thoughts on “Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture for Kids

  1. Those mangos look YUMMY!
    I think it’s great that you had the opportunity to teach the children about a different culture. Not everyone will have the joy of travelling to Philippines so it’s great that you could bring the Philippines to them. It looks like it was eye-opening. Kudos to you.
    I recently had the opportunity to teach my students about my culture and they really enjoyed it as well.

    1. It’s so nice to hear about teachers teaching these Korean kids about their own culture. One of our group members is also a teacher at Kinderwelt so we had the chance to do this.

      Yummy mangoes, indeed. Those are from the Philippines:-).

  2. Its so fun to interact with these Korean kids. I happen to have introduced Ghana Culture to kids at Mapo Youth Center in Seoul, under the Seoul Global center Volunteer program. Mine oh mine, it was such an experience. Not only did they learn about Ghana cultures, they were participatory. They danced with us and loved it. I think most schools in Korea should adopt such innovative ways of introducing different cultures to the Kids, considering how homogeneous this society is. It will go a long way to expand Korea’s international integration and relations.
    Williams Kyei recently posted..‘Passion. Connected’ – PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics to open new horizonsMy Profile

    1. The kids at kinderwelt were so into the games, too. They raised hands and wanted to participate in all the activities. Congrats on your own experience aswell.

  3. Lovely ideas! Using the flag as a puzzle, that’s cool. I’ve been thinking of ways to introduce different countries into my teaching as a way to expose the children to more wonderful countries around the world. Puzzles will help 🙂 And well done on interacting and managing so many little ones! From the pictures, it looks like it was a lovely lesson.

    1. It was a lovely time for our group to introduce to the little ones our culture, thanks! And yes, the flag was a good way to teach them. Higher retention on the part of the kids. Goodluck on yours.

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