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“Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” Hatid ng The 601 Habit

It’s August!

My memory of August back in the Philippines when I was still in elementary and high school are school days of rehearsals and contests for Filipino songs, dances, declamations and even group presentations depicting Filipino culture complete with Philippine national costumes. It was fun!

Now that we are here in Korea, wouldn’t it be great to have our own “Buwan ng Wika?”

And so, the ladies of The 601 Habit decided to bring “Buwan ng Wika sa Korea” to the Filipino, Korean and the foreign communities here in Korea.

Buwan ng Wika sa Korea

This is going to be a month-long celebration of various activities at different venues.

In our own little way, we are hosting these activities to promote the Filipino culture among the Filipino-Korean families and residents of Korea. We also hope to encourage participation among children with Filipino lineage so they will be able to experience first-hand the Filipino culture and be able to appreciate these.

There will be an Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture at selected Korean kindergarten and international schools. This is to show to the little ones our interesting culture through songs, dances and games.

We have also targeted the foreign community so they will have a glimpse of what the Filipino culture is all about. In partnership with the Itaewon Global Village Center, the Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture will be held on August 21, 2015 at 3:30pm-5:30pm. Filipino snacks will also be served.

Interactive Lecture of the Filipino Culture

And as Filipinos are known worldwide to be one of the best entertainers especially in the field of music, we will be hosting the regular Afternoon Socials of The 601 Habit. This time, it will be consistent with Buwan ng Wika sa Korea. On August 22, 2015, we are inviting our talented singers to come and join our OPM Exclusives.

OPM Exclusives

The singing competition, OPM Exclusives, is a friendly match to showcase original Filipino music. Although not much, cash prizes will be given to the winners. We want to encourage our talented singers out there to join this event and help promote our original music.

We hope to see you all.

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