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4 Activities For Kids To Do In Long Road Trips

Traveling with kids can be exhausting if you don’t occupy their time and let them just be sitting there. They are definitely going to nag, talk and complain that they are bored and tired. If you really want to avoid that and enjoy your trip as much as possible, you need to look for some fun activities that your kids can do. Short of such ideas? No problem! Today My Rocking Cradle is going to give you some ideas how to make your kids (of all ages) happy and busy during long, long trips. So enjoy traveling with your kids and see the world!

Writing a Journal

For bigger children, who can already write their thoughts, you can give a task to document and write a travel journal. Ask your kids to write about absolutely everything they saw, experienced and places they love to visit someday again. You can even give different kids a different task. For instance, one kid should write into the journal, another can take pictures, and the third one can glue everything into one big journal. So just don’t forget to pack an instant camera, some paper, pencils and let your kids create a nice travel journal!

Reading a Book

Oh, is there something even better than a nice book? And books are great for all kids at different ages too! You can even make a special traveling library and give your children to read books about traveling and faraway countries. Everything goes if that is a book and your kids spend some quality time reading and learning new things about the world around them. So buy in a bulk a lot of books that you think will suit your kids taste and be sure to travel peacefully and calmly. You can actually find a lot of good and rare books at Abebooks website. And in addition to that, you can purchase it all at much smaller price along with coupons to shop at Abebooks. So shop for all kinds of books (and don’t forget to buy something for yourself) and enjoy your road trip!

Playing Road Trip Games

Another activity your kids can do is to play some fun and exciting road trip games. For instance, play “find words” game. Rules are that every family member should find a word from road signs etc., which begin with each letter of the alphabet. Go in alphabetical order and compete against each other alone or in groups. You also can play another game, called “I’m going to grandma’s house and I’m bringing …“. This is fun memory game. First person names an item that begins with the letter A, the next person repeats what the first person is bringing and adds something that begins with the letter B, etc. Keep going until someone can’t remember all the items. We can guarantee that time is going to fly by with these games and kids will definitely not be bored at all!

Using Electronics (only with headphones)

Finally, the last advice I can give you is to let your kids play with various electronics. Let them watch DVD’s, listen to music in their mp3 players and so on. Time will go by quickly and it will definitely keep kids busy too. But don’t forget to give them headphones to make the environment in a car quieter and not disturb a driver. Download or buy some audio books, get kids’ most favorite movies or shows and let them enjoy a good educational material.

(blog post credit to Dovile Ibianskaite)

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