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The “Lengths of Kindness” Continues…

Last Friday started out busy and ended with happy faces.

The ladies of “The 601 Habit” called for women who might be interested to donate a length of their hair for the group’s Length of Kindness project more than two weeks ago. The collected hair was turned-over on the same day of the free hair-cut event (May 22, 2015) to the President of the Korea Association of Toupet and Wig which creates different kinds of wig and give these for free to patients undergoing chemotherapy.

These ladies are so brave and generous:

Not all the hair donors were able to make it last Friday. That didn’t stop them from donating their hair. Some had their hair delivered before May 22, others met with some of us to hand over their hair. The response was quite touching.

This inspired us to make Lengths of Kindness an ongoing project so we decided to receive hair donations with a minimum length of 15cms all throughout the year. All the collected hair that you will be sending us will be turned-over to the Korea Association of Toupet and Wig. In fact I have received today from 1 hair donor. Thank you for the big heart that came with your healthy hair.

Thank you for the positive response and for seeing the beautiful hearts that come with this noble cause.

Personally, I would like to thank Miss Gennie Kim for suggesting this project. The moment the group agreed to work on this, we immediately pored over the details and got this going. And through the connection of Ms. Seok, the General Manager of Metrobank, we got Lee Chul to offer their services for free to the hair donors.

Indeed, everything falls into place at the right time because one project is never a work of one person but a collective effort of passionate people who takes joy in seeing happiness being spread around.


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