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F3 VisaHolders: Updating your Information

After more than 7 years in our previous home here in Seoul, we finally had the courage to face a new environment! Different from what we used to have, the current one is residential amidst apartment complexes. It’s full of parks, near schools and hills.

With this change, we also need to abide by the rules regarding foreign residents. The children and I are all under the dependents visa – F3 – all under my husband’s. All changes regarding our residency should be informed to Immigration. So the moment we received our first billing that was changed under my husband’s name, hubby and I went to the Mokdong Immigration ¬†Office. We needed to inform the Immigration about the change in address so that our records will be updated and our Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) will be properly stamped with the changes. We proceeded to the 3rd floor where updates like this are being processed and get our number.

We just had to fill-out the application form. All four of us (hubby, me and 2 kids) had to have a filled-out application each. Just circle the space before “Alteration of Residence”.


There weren’t many on the day we visited the Immigration so we didn’t have to wait long.

What do we need to update our information? Please bring your passport and ACR. And, of course the proof of residence.

How much? Fortunately, this is a gratis service. No need to pay anything.

All we need to do is to diligently follow the rules, do what needs to be done at the right time and live without Immigration-related worries after.

How important is this? All our transactions here in Korea are monitored through the use of our cards. Our cards are connected to our ACRs. In the case of the Korean nationals, everything they do and everything they have is associated with their national IDs. Fast. Convenient. Safe.

It’s only when I started living here in Korea when I got to have a real appreciation of the importance of a national ID system.

I am for it. I hope the Philippines will have the courage to pass this into law.

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