Woongjin’s “Memorandum of Undertaking” with the Philippine Embassy Seoul

The Special Program of the Multicultural Family Broadcasting for Filipinos with the Philippine Embassy-Seoul had its pilot airing last February 27, 2015 with Consul General Iric Arribas as guest representative. It was followed with the guesting of Atty. Felicitas Bay last March where she tackled labor-related issues. Today, the “Memorandum of Undertaking” (MOU) was finally signed by H.E. Raul Hernandez, Mr. Shin Hyon-Ung (Chairman, Woongjin Foundation) and Mr. Kim Chung-Hyun (President, Skynet, Inc.).

Signatories to the MOU: Mr. Shin Hyon-Ung, H.E. Raul Hernandez and Mr. Kim Chung-Hyun

The simple ceremony started with Ambassador Hernandez’s appreciation for the efforts and initiative made by Woongjin Foundation through Miss Gennie Kim who first discussed with him the possibility of this partnership. He added, “I am delighted with this partnership. Woongjin’s facilities will be able to reach and convey our messages not only to the Filipinos but also to the Korean public. We have many services that we are able to extend to our people. We are here to help them and serve them so that their stay here in Korea will be a meaningful one. And we would like to make sure that we are able to promote the interests of the Filipino people as well as make sure that our ties is strengthened and enhanced for the benefit of both Koreans and Filipinos. Thank you very much for helping us out.”

The signing of the MOU was well-attended by the heads and representatives of the Woongjin Foundation and Skynet, Inc. as well as by the different attaches of the Philippine Embassy. I am glad to have witnessed the ceremony upon the invitation of Miss Gennie as adviser and one of the volunteers of the newly-opened group within the radio program, the SK Pinoy Volunteer Correspondents.


Ambassador Hernandez saluted the Koreans for their hard work and  intelligence and for making sure that Korea becomes and remains to be an important country. Mr. Kyu-Yong Choi, the Director for Business Management of Skynet, Inc. responded that though Woongjin airs 8 languages hosted by 8 different DJs from their respective countries, he “is very impressed with Filipinos because of their cheerfulness. Filipinos are very active and interacts a lot.” Aside from the current efforts of Miss Gennie Kim to bring the embassy closer and more accessible to the Filipino community through her radio program, Mr. Choi informed the Ambassador about the efforts of Miss Regina Arquiza, former KISS Radio DJ, together with some members of the Embassy when they came up with the collection of different Filipino fairy tales and these were turned into animation programs that are currently still available in the Woongjin website.

It would be very nice if Filipinos here in Korea continue to support these initiatives by logging in and listening to our Filipino program. And it would even be better if we help spread the word that these programs exist. The programs are not limited to one sector. Workers under the Employment Permit System (EPS) have their own segment where work-related issues are discussed. Marriage migrants can always relate to the issues being brought up every now and then and can avail of the Filipino fairy tales presented in animation for their children to enjoy. There is an option to listen to either the Korean or the Filipino language. I should have used this online resource when I volunteered for Dwight’s VIP Reading Day last February 24.

The afternoon ended with everyone looking forward to the Ambassador’s personal guesting, probably by the end of the year, where he said he “would love to personally answer questions” from the listeners.

(photo credits to Jack Rusl)

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