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Korean Driver Sings “Anak”

Kids and I were on our way to a dinner with friends last Friday at Itaewon. We went down the Itaewon Station and took a cab towards PaolodiMaria, the Italian restaurant chosen for the night. The friendly ajossi immediately high-fived the kids and ask where we are from. Upon hearing we are from the Philippines, he started singing Anak, a very popular Filipino song which was translated into several languages:

Too bad, it took me awhile before I realized this is a moment to capture. And I think I turned it off too soon for he still continued singing after I ended the recording.

He may not have sung the lyrics perfectly, oftentimes forgetting some words but that ajossi made the kids really glad. When we got out of the taxi, LeRuof said, “He is the friendliest taxi driver, Mommy!”.

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11 thoughts on “Korean Driver Sings “Anak”

  1. Great story! I generally had great experiences with taxi drivers in Korea. I loved to chat with them and often got so excited over their appreciation for my hometown. A Korean man plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates, so they loved that I am from Pittsburgh! Thanks for sharing!
    Laura Nalin recently posted..Photo Essay: Northern LaosMy Profile

  2. I really love it when cultures appreciate other cultures. Nowadays there’s more Spanish in Korean songs and I love seeing them appreciate other cultures. It makes me feel that the world is coming together. I’m sure your heart swelled with happiness and pride seeing someone outside your country know that song,
    Gina recently posted..Gunpo Royal Azalea FestivalMy Profile

  3. Oh what a friendly driver! Korea often surprises us with the kindness of its people, and this man is absolutely a shining example of the caring and jovial people one is likely to encounter. I’m glad you had such a nice experience and he was able to share some joy with your children during your short ride.
    Hedgers Abroad recently posted..Off the Beaten Path – DamyangMy Profile

    1. The JR Pub located near exit 4 of Itaewon Station serves good Filipino food every Sunday. Do check it out if you have time

  4. That’s really sweet of that taxi driver! It’s little moments like that that really show you how much kindness there is in random people around the world! Especially with a taxi driver, they can be hit or miss! We have had a few taxi drivers (usually ones that are early in the morning catching the first KTX train) that are cranky and get upset if we say one word to eachother! Then, we have had taxi drivers on the complete opposite end who shared sweet potatoes and candy with us. Haha!
    Megan Indoe recently posted..Strolling Seoul for Some Cherry Blossoms [Hyper-Lapse Video]My Profile

    1. I know! I’ve heard many stories about taxi drivers hahaha. Luckliy for my sons, we haven’t had really bad experiences yet. I hope npne to come.

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