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Royalty Philippine Style

It is not uncommon in the Philippines to have a number of aides, especially those who have been elected into positions – however low the position is. It has become a common sight to see bodyguards surrounding an official going around, even in non-related official functions.

This practice is not limited to elected officials, though. Heads of departments, institutions create their own set of aides and bodyguards. Like, the more people you have around you seem to equate to your importance.

So, it is really not surprising to see this royalty version in the Philippines.


 photo imagejpg1_zps2b2b1d9e.jpg
Photo grabbed from a Facebook post


And that’s just Sec. Jun Abaya of the Department of Transportation and Communications. See how dangerous “position of power” could get? It corrupts men and gives them sense of entitlement, more than they actually deserve.

It’s not a good sight (I am being tactful)… But it has become so acceptable that sometimes those who disagree with this practice cannot anymore make their voices be heard for fear of being looked at as an outcast.


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