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Pediatric Dental Needs: Yonsei University Dental Hospital

When my Firstborn, LeRuof, was a toddler I used to bring him to a neighborhood dental clinic here in Dohwa-dong, Mapo-gu specializing in pediatric dentistry. It was not really pleasant for my little one. The clinic had a typical ppali-ppali (hurry) culture and it was absurdly expensive.¬†Fortunately, the 2 boys acquired a positive attitude towards dental clinics and dentists when I introduced them to my dentist-friend in Iloilo City, Philippines, Dr. Pamela Ng-Yoo of Lifesmiles Dental Care. I didn’t go back to that expensive clinic here in our neighborhood, instead I found a smaller and less fancy clinic near our place with a friendly dentist.

When a nasty accident happened to my Second-born, DeFourth, during our recent vacation, the friendly dentist referred us to the pediatric section of the Yonsei University Dental Hospital. It was great that she did so for I felt we had one of the best and most secured services for our DeFourth. Today, we went back for his follow-up check-up.

I am satisfied with the attention and care given to my son two weeks ago and again, today. The dentist and the aides had been friendly and gentle with him so he never got scared considering how bad the accident was (a tooth had to be extracted prematurely, he is only 4 years old). And the fee at Yonsei Dental Hospital? The most inexpensive you can ever get (we have a national health insurance). South Korea has one of the most affordable and efficient health care products and practitioners.

For our first visit, I paid 8,600-won for tooth extraction and 1 dental x-ray. Today, I paid 7,100-won for follow-up consultation and 3 dental x-rays (yeah, DeFourth’s 3 teeth). Not bad. Really not bad!

Aside from the inexpensive medical costs, there’s nothing not to like.

Aside from the TV area, there’s also a small playroom for kids while they wait (not in picture). And waiting time wasn’t even that long.

After we’re done, the kids remembered they had dinner at the hospital 2 weeks ago. They insisted to have a snack before going home. Would you ever guess that this is inside a hospital?

5 years ago, I was always frequenting the International Health Care Center here for my LeRuof and I noticed this little corner and it’s still there today:

It’s just a little space but it’s amazing that a hospital space is provided for art exhibits like this one. Today, kids saw some recycled materials used to create art pieces.


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