Mesothelioma Awareness Day: Spreading Awareness, Spreading Care

I got an email request from Heather Von St. James about spreading awareness on a rare type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos:¬†Mesothelioma. Upon getting more information about this rare cancer and the fact that Ms. James herself is a rare Mesothelioma cancer survivor, I didn’t hesitate to write this blog post.

There is a website dedicated to awareness of this type of cancer and I must say that the people behind the website have given internet readers a good source about Mesothelioma. has everything you need to know.

And if reading the website alone is not enough, there’s no one more qualified to talk to about it than Ms. James herself. She was diagnosed with this cancer at age 36 when her daughter was just a few weeks old. Fast forward to 8 years, here’s Ms. James and her daughter, Lily, today:

 photo HeatherandLily_zps2f22528f.png
Heather Von St. James and her daughter Lily

You can get in touch with her here: Speak with a Mesothelioma survivor.

If you know someone suffering or is suspected of having this rare kind of cancer, please help spread information about this and you can start from getting information from

Let’s all be aware and let’s all take care of ourselves.

My greatest admiration to survivors and to those who are currently having their own battle with any kind of cancer. Keep going!


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