The Bone and Vinegar Experiment

So far, this had been an effective reminder to the kids not to drink soda:-).

It was on their insistence that we try this experiment from a science book given to them two years ago. We set aside 2 chicken bones. One bone was covered on its own while the other bone was dipped in vinegar and covered for two days:

 photo imagejpg1_zpsbca929dc.jpg

After 2 days, the two boys wanted to see how the bones differed from each other. One broke the bone covered as it is while the other one broke the bone dipped in vinegar. This really scared them off:

 photo imagejpg2_zpscf45a77a.jpg

The bone cut in half on the left side had its bone marrows still intact and firm. The bone on the right side was easier to break and the insides were easily taken out. A little bit of explanation about the effect of acid in our bones made the two boys panicked for a good number of minutes. They then asked for milk and vegetables.

They became too scared to drink coke.

I’ll count the days till the spell is broken:-).

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