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The Boy is Getting More and More Interested

aiming for the earthworms

After several days of going around for some simple introduction to photography, I began to realize my 7-year old LeRuof is internalizing every word I utter and every new learning he gets from me. This is what he got to say about his new interest:

LeRuof likes to see what I have to say

I am amused by his usage of “frame” and “angle” in the context of photography. It just goes to show that he actually tries to absorb the things I blabber about:-).

Even when we are just walking around, he would just suddenly blurt out “Frame! The 2 buildings are the frame and the middle is the focus”.

This is turning out to be a good summer of fun learning for him! From me!

Huh, the mediocre me is the mentor of my son. Isn’t that great?


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