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Inspired by a Cup of Hot Choco

One thing I told LeRuof was, you can write about anything and everything around you. Be observant. Be inspired.

One day he was drinking a hot choco. Write about it, I urged him.

 photo imagejpg1_zpsf875fa8c.jpg
A hot choco!


With the hot choco in front of him, he came up with these:

 photo imagejpg2_zps7a8987a0.jpg

Have a little hot choco

You may have it

If you please

a warm tasty hot cocoa

may take a way your chills.


 photo imagejpg3_zpsaab70908.jpg

Would you like to have some coco(a)

maybe you would like it

Oh the splendid taste and warmth of it

perfectly white and brown

take it

try it

what do you think?


 photo imagejpg4_zps221f42c6.jpg

A tasty warm cocoa

can take away that chilly breeze

Just take

if you please

a brown warm choco

can do the trick.


That’s it for today’s output.

It’s a happy Monday.


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