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Bringing the Kids of Kumkang School to the KOICA Global Village

Four Saturdays ago, we, at “The 601 Habit”, had the opportunity to bring the kids of Kumkang School to the KOICA Global Village at Seongnam-si, Gyeonggido.

The KOICA Global Village is located in a sprawling area which also houses various KOICA buildings including dormitories for visiting KOICA volunteers and staff from other countries and training centers.

Together with our volunteers, the ladies of “The 601 Habit”, the Principal and kids of Kumkang School were welcomed by Mr. Joonsung Park, Director of the Legislative & Public Affairs Team of KOICA. Representative Jasmine Lee, the Philippine-born Member of National Assembly was also present to attend the lecture and tour especially scheduled for the kids of Kumkang School.

KOICA or Korea International Cooperation Agency is Korea’s government agency that grants aid and technical assistance to developing countries through the implementation of its ODA (Official Development Assistance) programs. The KOICA Global Village offers tours and exhibits to visitors most of which are free. You can check current exhibits in KOICA’s website. Last June 28, we brought the Kumkang kids for a lecture and exhibit of the Republic of Congo. A KOICA Global Village staff first lectured about the role of KOICA and the kind of assistance it provides. She then went on to lecture about the life in Congo.

The kids were eager listeners and willing participants during the guided tour.

Kids had the chance to play in the KOICA grounds after lunch.

More than the grateful kids, we are more thankful for the accommodation extended by the KOICA Global Village. A KOICA bus was also provided to safely transport us all.

And as always, the CJ Welfare Foundation provided for the packed lunch and the snacks of the volunteers and the kids.

This “Give-Back Project” is increasingly getting to be a collaborative effort and there are more and more people and groups willing to help out. May we continue to have the resources and the time to give to these kids who have traveled far to get to a safe place as where they are now.

Bless them and bless our partners, sponsors and volunteers.

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