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Movie Date with the Kids of Kumkang School

Last month, we, at “The 601 Habit”, took our courage to bring the kids of Kumkang School out of their school/dormitory. The kids were excited! We told them we were going to have a movie date with them!

And so, on May 24 the ladies of “The 601 Habit” and the kids of Kumkang School went to watch “X-men: Days of ¬†Future Past”. CJ Welfare Foundation continued their support to our Give-Back Project by providing lunch and the day’s transportation. We needed a big bus to transport a total of 45 people (including the ladies of “The 601 Habit” and volunteers) from Kumkang School to CGV Gwangmyeong. It wasn’t far but when you have kids and teens, you really need to have the most secured way of keeping them together all the time.

CJ Welfare Foundation provided a burger set for lunch. Much as we wanted to bring the burger and let the kids munch on them while watching the movie, oh well! – you just don’t do that with kids!

 photo SAM_3482_zpsef43303c.jpg
kids having their burger lunch before going to the movie theatre. photo credits: Zel Kim


We did a buddy system when we went out. So, the ladies and the volunteers kept watch on their own buddies the whole time we were out.


 photo SAM_3518_zpsc8a2fdca.jpg
going out of Kumkang School. photo credits: Zel Kim


 photo SAM_3521_zps047535bc.jpg
The ladies got their own buddies for the movie date! photo credits: Zel Kim


 photo SAM_3530_zps69ceeef8.jpg
ajossi and the bus provided by CJ Welfare Foundation. photo credits: Zel Kim


 photo SAM_3535_zps87457773.jpg
the ladies and the kids on the way to CGV Gwangmyeong. photo credits: Zel Kim


My kids and the other “The 601 Habit” kids (children of the other ladies) have developed a sense of bonding with the kids of Kumkang. The movie date was exciting for all of them, too. Imagine having those many friends on a movie date! We occupied more than 4 long rows in the movie theatre.


 photo SAM_3558_zps49276f7b.jpg
in their best behaviour while waiting. photo credits: Zel Kim


Good thing, everyone was in their best behaviour. Well, almost everyone most of the time:-). My 4-year old boy who showed independence to be with the big boys wailed and cried for me after the movie finished!



 photo SAM_3599_zps5e6e9043.jpg
back at Kumkang School enjoying their snacks. photo credits: Zel Kim


We also would like to thank Mr. Ted Kang, CEO of TSIS, Inc., the company that donated 50 units of computers for our “Hands-On Philippines” project, for sharing his time with us and to his daughter, Miss Pearl Kang, who volunteered for the activities with Kumkang School. Let’s keep on spreading the love!


 photo SAM_3613_zps8240db75.jpg


More pictures of the movie date here.

This coming Saturday, June 28, is again the 4th Saturday of the month. The kids of Kumkang are getting perked up again! We’re doing another out-of-Kumkang activity:-).


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