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Dwight Portfolio Afternoon

I spent some time in Dwight School Seoul yesterday for LeRuof’s end-of-school year portfolio. He was especially excited to show to me the evaluation of his last composition for the school year where he got all 4 for first grader’s writing rubric.

I’ve spent some time with LeRuof’s composition skills and I have observed that his writing skills is above average for a seven (7) year old. But more than my perennial corrections on his compositions, he developed this fascination for writing, particularly finding satisfaction in putting words together, including always going out of his way to use newly-discovered vocabulary, through reading books from different genre. I think he was more encouraged to find his own voice in writing when he discovered the Geronimo Stilton and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.
Based on the Writing Rubric for Grade 1, his teacher has this evaluation:


 photo imagejpg1_zps324b63f9.jpg


And since today was the scheduled release of report cards, here’s the summary of LeRuof’s  IB learner profile:


 photo 48a262bb-5a9f-40a9-b4ba-6f12843ef269_zps39d58978.jpg


First grade is done and I am so happy he enjoyed his first year in primary school! This strengthens my conviction to put the boys under continuous IB education.

Way to go, my baby!

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