Queenie the Birdie

Meet Queenie!

She is my Firstborn’s pet bird. A pet was all he wanted for Children’s Day.

 photo imagejpg1_zps78c9ff6a.jpg


This morning, I found my second son, I-pad in his hand, sitting near the washing machine.

Me: Why are you there?

Him: I’m listening to the music and Queenie is so noisy. Twit twit. Twit twit.

Me: You don’t like Queenie?

Him: I like Queenie. I don’t like her noise when I am listening to the music.

Me: Oh….

Him: But don’t get angry with Queenie, ok?


One important lesson from this short conversation with a 4-year old:

“You don’t dislike or hate a person. You only dislike or hate what he/she does. There’s a world of difference between the two.”


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