Listen Well to Stop Bullying



This video is very timely and I immediately let my sons watch this.

My Firstborn had his own taste of minor verbal bullying recently (the “bullying” word is an exaggeration! 2nd graders are not capable of bullying, right?).

One night, while my I was freshening up my Firstborn, he suddenly told me about his twin bus mates who sometimes call him “nerd”, “dummy”, and “stupid”. I was surprised but what gave me alarm signals was when he said he cried in the bus and another bus mate comforted him. The twins and the kind girl who I know always play with him are all in higher grades. My son doesn’t usually cry and when he does, I know it’s something he feels strongly about.

I was glad to have listened with all my heart to my Firstborn and we were given the opportunity to talk, just the two of us. That time, his little brother was too exhausted from playing and has fallen asleep early.

I told my husband about it and I was surprised by his reaction. He usually receives my stories of kiddie conflicts and mother-to-mother concerns with coolness, sometimes to the point of indifference. But this time, he reacted differently perhaps seeing the possible stressful effect on our son.

I wasted no time the next morning. I called the Bus Coordinator at school and told her my son’s concerns and even suggested to transfer my son’s seat to avoid the twins. She professionally explained that it’s ok for my son to avoid the twins but it will not solve the problem. She will talk to both parties to stop the name-calling.

Two days after, my son went home with a snack in hand. He told me the bus coordinator talked to him and the twins and the twins admitted the name-calling and apologized to him. They also gave him the snack he has in his hand.

My son looked happy and I am glad it was resolved very well. I didn’t waste time getting angry with anyone – not with the kids, not with the bus monitor, not with the bus coordinator – and I gained the trust of my son even more. That conflicts can be resolved amicably and bullying can be nipped from the bud. He just needs to tell Mommy anything that makes him feel bad and uncomfortable.

Diplomacy rules.


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