The Avengers 2: Shooting in Mapo Bridge, Seoul

The movie shoot for The Avengers 2 at the Mapo Bridge in Seoul last Sunday, March 30, was vey well-guarded. Just how well-guarded it was?

Police were all over.


 photo 83ac90a5-ea59-4dfa-b89f-2273fe8e57fb_zps6264366b.jpg
Police buses lined up one side of Yoido Park
 photo IMG_6743_zps4d4a3b45.jpg
Seoul police




 photo IMG_6773_zps5edc6d72.jpg
Isn’t she the nicest? She gamely posed for me:-)
 photo IMG_6772_zpsdac1ecec.jpg
This was what I was after


Barricades secured the place.


 photo IMG_6766_zps5eb509c3.jpg
Colorful intimidators


Taking pictures of the bridge and the crew and the set-up was nit allowed. I was told 2 times by 2 different guards…lol. Asking spectators not to take pictures must have been tiring… You can’t beat DSLRs and there’s no way you can monitor camera phones.

 photo f4d7c664-55ab-4c90-ac56-c8b271811a28_zpsdd17da44.jpg
This lady saw me taking pictures of the bridge and asked me not to… I wonder how many she asked that day…


Media was all over, of course!


 photo IMG_6745_zps604dd6b3.jpg

 photo IMG_6741_zps16bed942.jpg


While the movie shooting was on-going, the people of Seoul enjoyed what they have always enjoyed doing… Being under the sun on a good, warm spring day… and, maybe with a secret wish to have a glimpse of the Hollywood actors:-)…


 photo IMG_6740_zps0950c818.jpg
‘Twas a warm spring day! Perfect to be out!

 photo IMG_6738_zpsab9509aa.jpg


This is the entrance of bridge coming from Yoido Park:


 photo IMG_6737_zps00bb6981.jpg
See? There’s no way you can see what’s going on in there.


At 5:30pm, the bridge was open again to traffic… And reporters from our side of the bridge – began reporting right away!


 photo IMG_6856_zpsc7a4c188.jpg
“Mapo Bridge is open to traffic now”, this reporter might have been saying
 photo IMG_6865_zpsb2edf567.jpg
Mapo Bridge

Just how much screen time it’s going to have in the movie remains to be seen:-)…

We are so looking forward to¬†“The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron”… It would be nice watching familiar places in the big screen.

In the meantime, this is the would-be famous bridge courtesy of “The Avengers 2”.


 photo IMG_6752_zpsf46f70f8.jpg
The whole stretch of the Mapo Bridge
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