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Loving and Living “The 601 Habit”

Finally, The 601 Habit is now an official group recognized by the Philippine Embassy in Seoul.

It was on November 9, 2013 when Betchay of Buhay sa Korea, Jaz, Razel and I seriously discussed Betchay’s suggestion that we make our group of 12 ladies a formal group recognized by the Embassy. I was hesitant of the idea at first because I had been used to meeting these ladies simply as friends. There were no rules that bound us. We met, we chatted over coffee, we celebrated each other’s lives. It was pure friendship which made us see each other and established our Saturday get-togethers… at Unit 601.

With the convincing powers of these 3 ladies, and with the support of Jaz, I agreed with the idea and we convinced the others to be on board… and our group was born! It was only on November 16 when the group name “The 601 Habit” was finally decided.

A few days after November 9, reports on the magnitude of the damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) found its way out of the affected areas and into international media and face book posts. We knew we had to do something. And we opted to do “The Life Boat Project”.

While we were busy with “The Life Boat Project”, we were also preparing the requirements for registration with the Embassy. When finally most of the boats were turned-over and the holidays were over, we had the chance to complete and submit the requirements. And so, we are happy to present:

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