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Help for Philippines’ Yolanda Victims

For Pinoys living outside of the Philippines, I think it is more practical to send financial help to get things started rolling once again… to rebuild houses, buildings and LIVES.

  • Our people need the money to buy their needs. The people on the ground and the victims know what their immediate needs are.

  • Sending in-kind donations will add to the logistical concerns of sending things plus negotiations for tax-free cargo handling.

  • The affected Filipinos would not care much about the imported things. They need the basic necessities to survive and to start anew.

  • And, we need to buy from our own stores and our own goods. We will not only be helping the most helpless victims but we are also giving our badly-hit economies a push.


We can send money to our trusted organizations or trusted persons who, we think, would be able to manage donations very well and make sure that financial aid is well-spent and has reached those who need it most.

But for those living in the Philippines who want to help and have the capability to do so, this is good guide:

 photo image_zps183dfeb5.jpg


Please follow this guide to ensure that we are handing out the people’s needs. We can’t allow unnecessary items to scatter around. There’s so much cleaning up to do.


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