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Musical Fountain Show at the Children’s Grand Park

If you happen to be at Children’s Grand Park or if you plan to visit the place, make sure to give some time and wait for the musical fountain show which starts around 5:00pm.



The music and the water movement are entertaining enough. But people-watching is even more so. Kids and adults alike surround the fountain area. Some simply watch. Some like to get wet.

Fountain Show

My boys weren’t satisfied with watching from the sidelines. They had to move closer.

Closer is where the fun is!

Closer is where the fun is:-).

Their clothes got drenched. I brought extra shirts but got no extra shorts… kiddos went home wet.

Fountain Show

So, those whose kids couldn’t just stay away from where the fun is, make sure you bring with you plenty of extra clothes.

This is a very inexpensive way to spend a fun day.


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