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Firstborn is Learning Hangeul

My 6-year old boy has just started learning how to read and write Hangeul. It’s a little bit late, I know, considering that he has practically lived here in Seoul since he was 2 months old (minus his 12 months in the Philippines last year).



My husband and I never thought that we would be staying this long so we opted to take it easy on his Hangeul. Anyway, he learned to speak the language through his Korean friends. He just can’t read and write the Hangeul characters. But as it turned out, we are living here in Seoul till now:-0. And though he studies in an international school, the school has Korean language as one of their subjects.

So, it wasn’t a hard decision to make to let him formally learn the language. My 3-year old baby is taking the same lessons. And amazingly, they are not just receptive. They are eager learners!



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