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Chuseok: Korean Thanksgiving

It’s time to receive company gifts again!

It’s during this time when companies send gift boxes to their employees for the Chuseok Holiday, the Korean Thanksgiving.

Just like the years before, a box was delivered to us a week before the holidays. Of course, these are company products from where my husband works:-).

Chuseok gift

We used to receive 6 boxes of these. This year, there are only 3.  I don’t buy soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothpaste. The gift boxes pretty much cover our one year supply. I even still have several bottles left from the past year’s Chuseok gift package.

Most Chuseok gifts are really practical. Some companies gift their employees with canned goods. Some even give cooking oil. I’m happy with what we receive, thank you.

The Chuseok holiday is still next week. Koreans maintain their respective family Chuseok traditions. What’s in it for our family of 4 who doesn’t have any Korean heritage to speak of?

We’ll wait and see:-).

추석 즐겁개 보네세요. Enjoy your holidays.


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