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Animal Feeding at Children’s Grand Park

Who doesn’t love Children’s Grand Park?

Subway Exit going to Children’s Grand Park

This subway exit made my kids more excited than they already were.

We had visited Children’s Grand Park a number of times but this trip was the “first” for my 3-year old in terms of memory.  I don’t think he remembered his previous visit.

The place is huge. There are many things to see and to do but what stood out for my two boys were the feeding sessions they had with some animals. It was by chance when we saw the aviary. Then we saw people actually feeding the birds. The birds usually huddle in a group.


So, we bought pellets for the birds hoping that they will fly over to the kids’ arms


and waited and waited. Until one bird came, at last! And it started pecking on the pellets.


Another one joined:


and together, they kept on pecking from eager hands.

Literal picture of “Do not bite the hands that feed you”… :-).

My 3-year old loved the experience and he wanted to feed the birds more and more.

We moved on to other animals and the kids had more opportunity to feed those that the park allowed to be fed.

One of the easiest to feed were the deers:


The deers use their tongue and this is a little bit yucky for my 6-year old.  So he contended himself with patting them.

One gentle soul for one gentle animal:-)

I wouldn’t want to hesitate bringing the kids back to the Children’s Grand Park. Aside from its free entrance, the feeding experience was something the kids really enjoyed!

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8 thoughts on “Animal Feeding at Children’s Grand Park

    1. Oh, you’re on vacation now? Enjoy! As for the Children’s Grand Park, it’s a huge place and your daughter would definitely enjoy it there.

  1. These photos are so sweet, especially of the deer. I absolutely love the subway stairs! That is awesome. Its really nice that places like this exist for free. Its a good reason to encourage parents to take their kids out of the house for a fun day at no cost.
    Rafiqua recently posted..Changgyeonggung GreenhouseMy Profile

    1. Right, Rafiqua! That’s why I am in awe of the public facilities of Korea. They’re clean and safe and free (others have very minimal fee) so it’s quality time with the children. Adults enjoy these places, too.

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