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We Don’t Just Study, We Play

While I maintain a daily regular study time for the kids, this household is not all boring learning sessions. I don’t maintain a stern, tight bun with a long stick ready to smack an inattentive kid:-).

Not at all:-).

We don’t just study, we play.

My 3-year old boy loves to play! and always bugs me to play with him with these little sticks, woods and bands:

play tools with a toddler
play tools with my toddler

These little pieces create so much mess around the house… and when it’s clean-up time, I have to stretch my hands under the tables and chairs just to make sure that not one piece is gone. If he decides to bring in more wooden toys… arrggghhhhh!!! my remaining time is spent putting those back again in their proper boxes.

But to see his joy for having created something he like… priceless!

My 6-year old had been bugging me to play scrabble but I was always caught up with other things to do… domesticated things to do. And, one day I told him to bring the scrabble to the clubhouse. Just the scrabble. How happy my son was! And he was into the game. And he challenged his Daddy after. My own father taught me and my brother to play scrabble when I was in 3rd grade. My son is just 6 years old!

scrabble with my 6-year old

He doesn’t really like to play puzzle:

puzzle with my 6-year old

but when we sat down together and I let him finish one, I saw how his movements transformed from disinterest to excitement… to pride!

Study time is a habit that should be firmly established to our young ones. But study time does not always have to mean books and pencils and papers. There is learning in playing… especially if the young one’s playmate is their own Daddy or Mommy. Once the habit and the enthusiasm are established, there is no room for study time struggle anymore.

They play, they study, they play.

And since they enjoy what they do, they understand faster and acquire skills sooner… and so, my 6-year old is now acquiring skills meant for 2nd or 3rd grade students. He now makes himself busy learning how to write cursive.

Thank you, boys, for allowing and inviting me to be your constant playmate!

I am honored.

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