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Getting Settled at Dwight School Seoul

My firstborn has finally officially entered first grade last August 12, 2013.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, well, we have decided to send our Firstborn to Dwight School Seoul. It was an easy decision, made easy by the welcoming accommodation given to us by the Director of Admissions of the school and her staff. Plus the fact that my son really liked it the first time we visited when we were given a campus tour.

My husband and I were both with our son during his first day, the Orientation Day for new students. We had been parents for close to 7 years already but we have come to another stage which gave us another kind of excitement and anticipation. For me, it was an unexplainable feeling sending our son to first grade:-). It’s like, bursting with excitement and wanting to tell everyone who would care to listen,”We have a first grader!”

I know it was a special day for my husband, too. He was more doting than I was, arranging his son’s clothes for ID picture-taking, watching out while his son was playing in the soccer field trying to make new friends:-).

But it was most special to my 6-year old! His Daddy was with him… me being with him is always a given:-). So, his Dad’s presence made him happier and made the day extra more special.

It had been three weeks since he first started school. He has now settled into the routine and always has good stories to tell when he comes home.

I have attended parents and teachers meetings twice already and I am looking forward for more. I attended a meeting with the homeroom teacher last Thursday and it’s amazing to see how the school has embraced technology as part of their daily teaching method. The first grade classroom uses a whiteboard that can be divided in the middle to reveal a wall-mounted LCD screen connected to the teacher’s laptop. When my son arrived last Friday, he was excited to let me see a Youtube video showed during one of their lessons that day.

First newsletter freceived from Dwight

So far, we are satisfied with how things are. He gets the best he can get… as he should. It’s not an inexpensive school, after all.


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3 thoughts on “Getting Settled at Dwight School Seoul

  1. Hi tin, yes, it is. Katuwa nga kung gaano ka-excited ang anak ko na magpakita na maruning syang magsearch sa youtube.

    And yes, we really can’t get away from technology. Better embrace it as parents, too.

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