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Community Centers for Registered Foreigners

This post might be helpful to foreigners under the same circumstances as ours, as follows:

  • We (my kids and I) are on an F3 visa under my husband’s E7.
  • My 2nd son goes to a Korean government-subsidized kindergarten.


Here goes:

My second son’s kindergarten asked for my son’s health chart and ID certificate. This was my first time to comply with this requirement as my first son’s kindie never asked for this before. Well, here’s the difference: Kinder Liebe, where my first son went for his kindergarten is classified as an institute (so it was very expensive). Sungwha Kindergarten, where my second son is now enrolled, is a government-sponsored yuchiwon or kindergarten (so it is reasonably priced) so it has to follow government requirements.

I had to go to my son’s pedia clinic to get the form for his health chart. As for the ID certificate, Korean nationals could easily get their record from their respective community centers. And so can registered foreigners!

Our family is registered in Dohwa-dong of Mapo-gu. I went to the Dohwa-dong Community Center to request for the ID certificate of my son. All I had to bring was his ARC (Alien Registration Certificate). But since we are not Korean nationals, the community center does not have a record of our family registry. The standard procedure in this case is for the community center staff to get in touch with the Immigration since it is the Immigration which has our records. After an hour or two, the ID certificate stamped with the official seals of the Immigration and the Community Centers is available for pick-up.

I was amazed by how easy the process was made, by the convenience of not having to travel all the way to Immigration, and by the efficiency of the interaction between the two government offices (the Immigration and the Community Center).

Superb service! All for 1,000-won.


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